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Tigertailz bassist Pepsi Tate still fighting cancer!

Tugertailz bassist Pepsi Tate still fighting cancer!


Pepsi in an old Kerrang ad.

A fan of Tigertailz has recently posted the following below HERE on our Sludge Boards. For more info. please follow this LINK to the official Tigertailz website.

Unfortunately, Pepsi was taken back into hospital on his return from the US 2 weeks ago and is still there. He got really ill on the plane on the way back and was rushed into East Sussex hospital and later transferred back to a Cardiff hospital where he is still being treated.

He’s got a few complications with fluid in his stomach and has had an operation to deal with this. He’s also due to have another operation to ease the pain but needs to get over the last Op before they can tackle this next problem.

Not good news by any stretch but he’s still keeping his spirits up and is in good humour. I just can’t believe how strong he’s being and the way he’s dealing with it is just incredible.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in sending him our love and best wishes, both to him and Shan who’s going through it with him.

Boy, we love you, we miss you and want you back here fast to rehearse for this tour so hurry up and get well.

For more informations checkk the bands official message board below.


Get well soon mate, from the stateside Sludgers.

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