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Metal Sludge’s YouTube 80s Rare Hair Band Gems!

Metal Sludge’s YouTube 80s Rare Hair Band Gems! 


Never light a cigarette while holding a can of hair spray…..

…unless your Michael Lean of TUFF!

Metal Sludge is proud to present you with our YouTube 80s Rare Hair Band Gems link. These are videos that have found there way onto the World Famous website YouTube.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to our "host" Pimp From The Grave. PFTG is a regular on the Metal Sludge Gossip Boards and has been posting these rare gems forever.

Here is a list below that we will continue to update as long PFTG does his homework as well.

BulletBoys – Smooth up in Ya

BulletBoys – THC Groove

BulletBoys – For the love of Money

Britny Fox – Girl School

Britny Fox – Long way to Love

Britny Fox – Dream On

Britny Fox – Louder

Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Boyz Are Gonna Rock 

Definition = Slaughter on glam steroids

Vinnie Vincent Inavasion – Love Kills 

Vinnie Vincent Invasion – That time of year

Metal Heroes (Tribute) – Stevie Rachelle
  of Tuff

This is a tribute to fallen Metal Heroes. The lyrics were written & the track was recorded shortly after "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was murdered in 2004.

Tuff – American Hair Band

Tuff – All New Generation

Tuff – I Hate Kissing You Goodbye

TigerTailz – Love Bomb Baby

TigerTailz – Living Without You

TigerTailz – Heaven

King Kobra ~ Take It Off (PROMO) 1988

King Kobra Line Up:

Johnny Edwards – Vocals

David Michael-Philips – Guitar

Jeff Northrup – Guitar

Larry Hart – Bass guitar

Carmine Appice – Drums

Tora Tora ~ Nowhere To Go But Down (Acoustic) 1993

"Acoustic performance in the Rock Hard studios, Germany 1993."

Don Dokken ~ Crash and Burn (LIVE) Osaka 1991

"Don Dokken – Crash and Burn – Live – Osaka, Japan, March 3rd 1991."

Sam Kinison Accepts Skid Row’s Award (LIVE) 1990

"Warrant, Winger, OR Skid Row???"

Lääz Rockit ~ Holiday in Cambodia (LIVE) Japan 1992


Mini KI$$ ~ New York Groove (LIVE)

Judas Priest ~ Heavy Duty & D.O.T.F. (LIVE) 1984

"Let’s all join forces Rule with iron hand

And prove to all the world Metal rules the land!!

Badlands ~ Winters Call (LIVE) Bakersfield 1989

"Shot in Bakersfield opening for Cinderella."

John Sykes ~ I Don’t Wanna Live My Live Like You (PROMO)

L.A. Guns ~ Electric Gypsy (LIVE) Philadelphia,PA 1988

Steve Clark Guitar Solo + Wasted (LIVE) Montreal 1983

Def Leppard  "Steve Clark Guitar Solo + Wasted"

6-9-83  Montreal, Quebec, Canada Audience DVD

Poison ~ Flesh & Blood (Sacrifice) PROMO 1990

Warren DeMartini vs Michael Schenker (LIVE) 1991

Jani Lane rocks "Cherry Pie" Live in Detroit!

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