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Ratt Fan: “i pissed on the floor at my seat all over 4 jocks sandals.”

Ratt Fan: "i pissed on the floor at my seat all over 4 jocks sandals."


Ratt back in their "hair day"


Every once in a while we like to include a fans point of view. Below is a quality review of a recent Ratt show by a drunk fan named Matty D.  Just read it and you’ll see what we mean.

The link to it’s original post is on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards found HERE. It’s almost as entertaining to read the responses.

so last nite was the show and it was very sick, i knew the only way to see it was to be completely obliterated so i got wasted early and scored a scalper ticket on the floor for $50 and got in and proceeded to get more drunk, RATT started and i was at my seat but i knew as soon as they started i needed to be closer so i got first row right in front of dimartini which was retarted cause i think he is one of the sickest guitar players of that era, in fact him on invasion is soem of the coolest guitar shit to me so i was psyched, i was screaming in his face the whole time and caught the attention of all the OG members which is probably stupid to most reading but i was wasted and at the time it was very cool.

they opened with sweet cheater which is a sick fuckin song and played all hits as expected but they were still amazing.

dimartini gave me a pic, when that happend i knew that i had earned that pic by living like an asshole for so long, it was like a trophy from ratt to me, i am proud to have it, maybe ill put it on a necklace(just kiding that is really gay!)

after they were done i coul dhave left happy but decided to stay for the fuck of it, poison wrote good pop songs, i pissed on the floor at my seat all over 4 jocks sandals and they were really pissed and probably should have beat my ass for it but didnt cause .. actually i have no clue why i didnt get my ass kicked but i left after that.

all in all i feel i did exactly what was expected at a ratt concert and had a great time being shitty.

now its time to get back to reality, summer is over, it was a sick summer this year.


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