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Slash: “I don’t see any (Gn’R) reunion happening – for real!”

Slash: "I don’t see any (Gn’R) reunion happening – for real!”


Slash: "It’s been really weird since the mid 90s"

…when referring to the music industry.


Slash recently did a 10 minute plus phoner with a Dj from TK 101 Radio who are promoting a show called Bay Fest.

Follow this link HERE and listen to the former Gn’R guitarist. He touches on many things related to the making of the new Velvet Revolver recording along with Guns n’ Roses, the music industry and of course his former partner in crime Axl Rose.

“ I don’t wanna rag on the industry and what’s happening with music these days…but a lot of records are being made where people who can’t even play can put a record together that it sounds like they’re playing…there’s a lot of what you call Pro Tools and this, that and the other…”

“its really hard to put a guitar solo together if you can’t play one..”

“There’s a lot of amazing guitar players out there, way better than me. They just can’t get a foot in the door. You can’t get a record deal anymore…you have to go on you tube or myspace and put it together on there…there’s no A&R guys no more”

“we’re as irresponsible as any old school rock band…”

“Jeff Lynn (front man from ELO) called me up about 3 months ago really happy about it…” referring to the VR cover of ELO’s “Can’t get it out of my head

“Playing with Michael Jackson was a real experience, it was pretty interesting…”

“Steven (Adler) has finally come out of that sort of haze that he’s been in for the last 17 years…and I don’t think I have to explain it any more than that… I was sort of instrumental in getting him get out of that place he was in…and into a little bit more of a sober environment…”

“I don’t see any (Gn’R) reunion happening – for real!”

“I haven’t heard anything on Chinese Democracy…I probably won’t until it’s released.”

“I sort of wish that he’d (Axl) let the name (Guns n’ Roses) go and done something on his own. Sort of kept the name sort of  intact. “

“I don’t support it, but don’t condemn it either." when asked about Axl’s new Gn’R line up.

“…it’s the same kind of thing…to have second shot…and have a great bunch of guys to work with….but it’s also sort of a relief as well, it’s not a tenth as complicated or difficult to pull off…”  when asked about playing with Scott Weiland in VR in comparison to being in Gn’R with W. Axl Rose.

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