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Fans on ‘Rock of Love’ girls…’big fake boobs, leather skin, & dumb’

Fans comment on Rock of Love: "big fake boobs, leather skin, & dumb"


Rock of Love star Bret Michaels says: "She beat my penis to a pulp…"

The fans are cat fighting more than the girls featured on the Rock of Love.

Anyone wanna join in the fun?

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the old hag in the black dress with the cowboy hat annoys me.. she’ll probaby be cut first

By: BobSagetIsGod

the Chick who looks like CC deville(circa pink hair era!) is kind of hot and doesnt sound like an airhead

By: guns_n_motley

I want to fuck those two stupid blondes silly!

By: DraugrSonofOdin

Fucking airheads..trainwreck city.  "gummy bear boobs" WTF???

By: DjWill665 our friendly KNAC.COM Dj

What a bunch of air-headed ditz bags. I hope they enjoy Bret’s baby batter, since that’s all they’re going to get from him.

By: Redman77

Brett Michaels is such a retard. I thought he was a retard when he was younger, I think he’s even bigger retard now. Who does he think he is? Poison suck. Every normal rock fan knows it. What kinda man is he with his pink lip gloss?

By: Yana_Rock

What a stupid fucking show, no wonder they can’t do any new material, they’re to busy working on their Reality TV credentials.

By: UtahRatt

I have to admit I thought it was entertaining as hell, and I hope they put the rest of the episodes online.

By: Ugmo

they coudlve done it with Mick mars!!

By: Guns_N_Motley

How old are these chicks 50?

By: glammrokkgirl

I haven’t seen this but I’m guessing that I know exactly what the girls are like…

By: Jack Sabbath

yup, big fake boobs, leather skin, and dumb.

By: glammrokkgirl

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