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David Lee Roth likely to be shit canned from radio job!

David Lee Roth likely to be shit canned from radio job!


David Lee Roth back when he was fucking God-Like and indestructable!

But, all things must come to  pass.

Including his hairline and that dumb radio gig!

Updated: CNN is reporting Roth has been dumped! Basically the same thing is being said that YAHOO has posted below. And ironically, the same thing Metal Sludge has been saying for months now!

Metal Sludge was not the only ones hootin’ and a hollerin’ about Dave being on the way out, but we said enough to make the hatas and the nay-sayers talk shit on us. Turns out we were on to something – again!

So suck a big fat sludgy cock!

We talked about Dave’s job teetering on the edge many times. We also posted when he talked about a Van Halen re-union being inevitable. Obviously trying to get ratings, read that right HERE. And then we said his gig was "turning into drama" right HERE, and of course HERE when Dave was MIA and our headline was "Going, going…Gone?"

This just posted to well respected Music Industry hotspot: www.hitsdailydouble.com/news/rumormill.cgi

CBS Radio’s Joel Hollander has made a deal with XM Radio to replace David Lee Roth with Opie and Anthony. Look for the High Voltage duo to return to the terrestrial airwaves on CBS’ N.Y., Philly and Dallas’ Free-FMs as well as WBCN Boston, WNCX Cleveland, Pittsburgh’s K-Rock and West Palm Beach’s The Buzz. They will also continue to be heard on XM channel 202. (4/19p)

And this is currently posted on YAHOO!

NEW YORK: No surprise. David Lee Roth’s run as morning radio host is about done. Big surprise: It appears raunchy satellite radio stars Opie and Anthony will replace him on seven CBS Radio stations.

A deal was in the works to dump the ex-Van Halen singer’s ratings-deprived program with shock jocks Greg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia, according to two people with knowledge of the deal. They spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement of the agreement next week.

Opie and Anthony were banished from terrestrial radio in 2002 — oddly enough by their new boss, CBS Radio — after airing a live account of listeners having sex in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. CBS Radio was then known as Infinity Broadcasting.

Opie and Anthony resurfaced on XM in October 2004. The satellite radio provider has more than 6.5 million subscribers, with the Opie and Anthony show one of the most popular programs on its 170 channels.

XM will now syndicate the program to the stations in New York and six other markets, with three hours of the program airing on the CBS Radio stations, the people familiar with the deal said. XM will simultaneously broadcast that portion of the show, along with another two hours of exclusive O&A, they said.

A spokeswoman at CBS Radio declined to comment on the report, as did a spokesman for XM.

Roth’s radio career began in January, when he replaced Howard Stern on the CBS stations. But reviews were poor and Roth fought with management over the show’s format, putting the show on the skids less than four months into its run.

Roth, during one angry on-air rant, predicted the show could be yanked before May.

The move marks a shift in the dynamic between terrestrial and satellite radio. In the past, satellite raided terrestrial radio for big-name hosts such as Opie and Anthony or Stern. Now, the seven FM stations will rely on a syndicated satellite program.

In addition to the Free-FM station in New York, Opie and Anthony will reportedly air on WBCN-FM in Boston, WYSP-FM in Philadelphia, WRKZ-FM in Pittsburgh, WNCX-FM in Cleveland, WPBZ-FM in West Palm Beach, Fla., and KLLI-FM in Dallas.

Stern, who engaged in a lengthy on-air feud with Opie and Anthony, is in his first year of broadcasting for Sirius Satellite Radio. O&A will now fill in his old time slot.

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