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10 Questions w/ Up n’ Sludgers SANE from NORCAL!

10 Questions w/ Up n’ Sludgers SANE from NORCAL!


SANE is not a boy band, not a glam band, not a rap rock band,

and it’s fair to say not a group of male models either.

This entry of our 10 Questions w/ Up n’ Sludgers SANE also features our

April 2005 sludgeaholic of the month mOji. They also got a few gigs coming up

this month so make sure to check out and support SANE if you’re on the

West Coast!

1. Who are you, who is SANE, and why should the Sludge faithful care?

SANE is me/mOji:Vocals, Jason:Guitar, Shane:Guitar, Brent:Drums, and Flip:Bass. And people should care – because we make good music, a rarity of late.


2. Your bio says you guys sound like Godsmack or Alice In Chains! Is there a difference between those two and SANE? If so, explain.

We play 7-string guitars and 5-string bass, so we have that deeper-darker melodic sound. I think the vocals get compared to the 2 above mentioned bands. But as you know it’s hard to compare your bands sound to others out there doing it. We are influenced by so many genres but-come up with the sound we have


3. In your publicity shot 3 of the 5 of you have go-tees. Are these go-tees just an image tool or are they handy to scrub baked beans

or casserole out of a pan after supper?


Well I cant speak for the  others, but mines due to the necessity to have some sort of hair on my head..LOL-As may be the case for our other guitarist- But yeah it’s good for catching all sort’s of foreign matter. And great to floss with when out of Dental-Floss.


4. What hard rock or heavy metal band should be banished from the signed ranks so you can take their place?

Any band that doesn’t appreciate the opportunities they have and take them for granite. Oh and Limp Bisquik

5. Name your favorite and least favorite bands?

Fave: Love/Hate-Faster Pussycat-Janes Addiction-STP-Alice In Chains-Classic KISS

Least: Avenge Sevenfold-Limp Bisquick-Blink 182-All Modern County Acts..

6. Out of all the bands you’ve played with or hung out with, who were the coolest and who were the biggest dicks?

Biggest Dicks: We played with Authority Zero and a band called A.D.D. We were the HARD ROCK band on a semi Punk billed show. We tried to introduce ourselves during sound check, during and after the show…etc. The A.D.D. dudes were pretty much dicks… We opened the show and Kicked their ASS!

Coolest: I know Jizzo gets alotta grief here, but he’s always been a cool cat to me. Every venue or event he’s always taken time to talk, and hang out prior to and after. Robbie Cranes been cool, fuck even

Adler was cool to me on a few occasions-( and I didn’t even have to

give him any drugs-Just an American Spirit Cig"


mOji gets emotional with his microphone!


7. What’s the smallest and largest crowds you’ve played for?

ha ha… Many small shows 15-20 peeps, but a lot of 120-200 shows-

I’d say Biggest at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz for about 700-800

8. Your bio also says: "mOji, former drummer for "Cheap Wine" opened for major bands during the 1980’s Hollywood Glam scene." Okay, fess up, first off send the pics of you looking like a glam fag, and secondly, give us some old skool dirt from the scene. Who’d you play with, who sucked, who was cool, and what "famous" hairball dudes handed you a flyer?

Hahaha I’ll attach a picture- We played some show’s with some decent bands.. I won’t kiss n tell- But there was one band who had PERIPHERAL vison  that used to try to get me to try smack all the time. GNR and POISON fliers were like the Oxygen around you at times everywhere-"Dude wheres My Staple gun?"  JUNKYARD’s Great guys! So was FUNHOUSE..  


mOji in Sludgendise = always well dressed!


9. What is the bands motto, and rules of rock to live by?

As long as its fun-keep doing it, It’s about the People and The Music"

10. How do you feel about doing 10 Questions with Metal Sludge after being a Gossip Board freak for many years and a former Sludgeaholic of the month?

As always AWESOME-It’s been a great ride so far… I look forward to seeing you all @ PALADINOS next Friday, when we open for LOVE/HATE feat. Jizzo and Jon E Love

lovehatesane copy.jpg 


mOji even takes time to pose for pictures with his fans. This fan is in awe

of mOji to the point that he started growing his own pot scrubber.


Upcoming SANE Events:

04/21/06 – Paladino’s, Tarzana: (with LOVE/HATE)

04/22/06 – Zen Sushi, Silverlake: (w/Trace Element, The Iris Code & KidToucher)

04/28/06 – Johnny V’s, San Jose: (with Sled & S.A.D.F.I.S.H.)

04/30/06 – Vet’s Hall, Santa Cruz: (with Archer)

mOji In SANE

For more info. on mOji & SANE please go to www.saneband.com

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