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Jani Lane auditions players for his “new” Warrant!

Jani Lane auditions players for his "new" Warrant!


Jani Lane wants you to send him clothes!


Just in time to kick off spring Jani Lane forms a new Warrant, (as if ‘1’ Warrant wasn’t enough) how fucking lame! This is the same guy who quit the band before and left the others high n’ dry, and more than once (no pun intended either). Now that Jerry & Erik have moved on, and are still successfully playing shows and have released a new CD, Mr. "selfish look at me I’m a drunk" wants to form a new Warrant. 

We smell an ass kicking and a lawsuit coming!

If that wasn’t a bitch ass move in itself, now he’s hinting around for people to send him free clothes and equipment. Why? Becuase his got stolen. Who the fuck would want to steal Jani Lane’s pants? Besides that, why should anyone else buy your fucking clothes dude? You’re the big rock star who sold millions and now the very fans who buy your tickets to come see you (if you even make it) should bring clothes and acoustic guitars for you too? You’re fucking pathetic!

The fans already see through this and think you’re a putz & a phony! If anyone else would like to chime in or see what the hardcore Sludge faithful are saying on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards click this link below.


This comes from his "official" website www.janilane.com


April 14, 2006

Jani Lane’s Warrant have announced the following tour dates:

May 10 – Long Island, NY – Mulchaey’s

May 12 – Watertown, NY – Cross Roads Music Theatre

May 13 – Rochester, NY – Steel Music Hall

May 16 – Hartford, CT – Webster Theatre

May 17 – Allentown, PA – Crockadille Rock

May 18 – Bedford, NH – Mark’s Showplace

May 19 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance

Earlier Jani Lane had the following to say:

They just released "Back Down To One" It’s available at all major outlets. It also contains three extra tracks. Previously only available in Europe.

I am currently forming a new version of Jani Lane’s Warrant. Auditions start Sunday, April 9th.. In LA. Stay tuned for updates. Touring starts in May 2006 and plan to include Europe and Japan as well as North America.

As soon as I master Jabberwocky and find a label that is suitable I will release the project to the public.

I am also, working on material for a new solo record. TV scripts and features as well as a recording project with friends from Ratt, Alice Cooper band etc… Life is great! Except for the fact that all my clothes and guitars were stolen over the holidays. I wear a medium shirt, 32"-32" pants and I play acoustic guitars…lol…talk to ya soon…babies!!! JL

PS and remember… more cow bell!!! (World famous producer Bruce Dickenson)

Jerry & Erik will be elated to hear there is another Warrant being formed!

As for the rest of your babble Mr. Lane…think about what you just wrote. "Oh I’m doing this band, and that project, and TV scripts, and tour dates and life is great." Well if it’s all so great then why the fuck are you asking for free clothes?

Metal Sludge

PS and remember…more Sludge!!!

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