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A full blown Guns n’ Roses re-union is on the way?

A full blown Guns n’ Roses re-union is on the way?


An ALL original Gn’R re-union in the works?

Slash to re-join Guns n’ Roses?

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From: J+M

Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 10:49 AM
Subject: Gotta phone call about Slash & gnr

Hey Metal Sludge!
I just gotta phone call from a friend of mine who,well, uh…(i can’t give out the source). But, remember all the rumor’s about Kiss getting back together in 96? I didn’t believe the reunion was gonna happen untill I got a phone call from someone inside the business. Well, I got that same phone call today. Seems Axl has offer’d Slash a quite a bit of money to return to Gn’R. Slash will be returning to Gn’R. When asked about Duff….there was no response. So get ready for 2/5 of the original Gn’R line up. If Duff does join or is asked to return to Gn’R….then in my eyes, it would be a Gn’R reunion.
-love ya  

Metal Sludge

Sludge that makes you go – hmmm?

Our friends over at www.melodicrock.com are saying this:

While Metal Sludge continue their crusade to get to the bottom of dealings within Velvet Revolver…a little extra info has come my way this week.

If you were to believe the rumor mill, plans for a Guns N Roses re-union have firmed, with the upcoming tour dates expected to feature the original line-up (with drummer Matt Sorum from the Use Your Illusion line-up). Apparently the guys have already started rehearsals and plans for extending the current tour dates are being examined.

Also coming to light this week – The Cult are apparently being looked at as a possible support band for the Guns N Roses tour.

Additionally – from another source just today – a Velvet Revolver split could be announced very shortly…

How dare they start such a rumor!

As for what Sludge has heard and knows, well let’s just say that we haven’t heard anything of the sort. wink-wink ;0)

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