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Duff/Adler update: Attention bands “go do drugs!”

Duff/Adler update: Attention bands "go do drugs!"


Adler & Duff far left in their former band Guns n’ Roses!

We received this update full of "alleged" Sludge about Steven Adler from another Sin City neighbor! The e-mail was much more detailed and named others but when Sludge inquired to the "Source" about what we could use, their reply is below.

Sounds like this might be another episode of "As Adler spins out Of Control."

—– Original Message —–

From: PH

Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: adler

And yes he did get his ass kicked but it was the guy’s girlfriend not his daughter Steve was doing heroin with.   

Steve swears to be nothing but a drunk, pothead and crack head, but the girl says they were doing heroin together and her story was consistent with the verifiable parts on every other aspect.

He looked as bad  today as I have ever seen him in the 18 months i’ve known him.   He needs some real devine intervention or you won’t have many more stories to write on him.

Feel free to reprint this part of it.

Metal Sludge

Sin City Sludge

Metal Sludge always gets this type of stuff, but more often than not –  it turns out to be legit. More from the rumor mill involving Mr. Adler.

—– Original Message —–

From: SIS

Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2006 9:51 PM
Subject: adler

I ‘m pretty sure Steve Adler got his ass beat by one of his neighbors in Las Vegas last weekend.
It was over drugs apparently,or more importantly who Steve was sharing them with according to the yelling I over heard coming from his house.  Not sure but it sounded like maybe the guy’s young daughter.  Steve looked  lumped up when he was walking his dogs the next day.
What a  waste…………………….
A little speculation but all sludge !!!!

Metal Sludge has also received some "new" incoming from a source close to Duff’s neighbor who lives in Studio City California. 

The following was communicated to Metal Sludge.

"I use to see Duff every single day walk his child to and from school. My kid attends the same school as his does. Now I see his wife walking their child. I have not seen Duff in 3 solid weeks and use to see him Monday thru Friday like clock work. I’m guessing you’re correct and something is wrong."

Remember when Metal Sludge was full of shit as we broke the Motley Crue news with our alleged "home made" re-union commercials that we edited for VH1? We were right!

Remember when Jani Lane was MIA ump-teen different times and someone on his behalf would issue a release saying: "all is fine, he’s doing great" and then 2 days later he’d bail the tour altogether. Sludge was on it, like stink on a pillow biters shit covered cock! And Sludge was right.

Remember when the Hairline Never Stops tours were flopping around like piles of shit and we kicked the bands who deserved it directly in their teeth for acting like jack asses? And in the end, the "politically correct" people kept talking about the "good stuff." Fuck that, rock n’ roll is full of fuck ups, and Sludge was right, is right, and will be right again!

Attention all rock bands! Go do drugs! Drink alcohol! Get divorced! Fuck your band mates girlfriends! Cancel shows! Treat your fans like shit! Get dropped from your labels and do what you do best! In other words, just be yourselves….without you Sludge is nothing!

What’s the moral to this story?

This ain’t our first picnic folks! And to the "industry" know it alls whose sources are no better than ours, shut your pie hole! And to the morons who seem to challenge every move the Sludge makes, and are now reporting Velvet Revolver are hitting the studio to begin work on the sophmore come Monday April 10th 2006, guess again. We’ll bet Steven Adler’s IQ in a plastic baggie full of powdered residue it ain’t gonna start on time – if at all!

So, suck a big fat sludgy cock!

Metal Sludge

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