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Tommy Lee replaced by Starbucks employee on drums!

Tommy Lee replaced by Starbucks employee on drums!


Harvey Warren & Tommy Lee – both of Motley Crue?

Metal Sludge got an update from the man himself Mr. Harvey Warren over the weekend. We asked Harvey point blank, what the hell happened and how’d you end up playing drums for the Crue at a packed arena up in da great white north ya der hey?

It was simple says Harvey: "I was at work (at Starbucks) and I was just gonna go on a lunch break. When my cell phone rang and somebody said; "hey are you coming to the Motely Crue show?" And I said: "Well…I don’t know." And then they said they wanted to do a practical joke on Tommy and the rest of the Crue!

"At first I didn’t believe them and I thought it was the local radio guys playing a trick on me." So a few minutes later their raod manager calls and says: "Harvey, this is the REAL DEAL! How familiar are you with the songs and how long will it take you to get here?"

Harvey goes onto to say that the arena is about a 3 hour drive, and it’s already noon, and the doors open at 7:PM! Talk about fucking cutting it close. The road manager then tells Harvey: "I need you to play anywhere from 2 songs, to the whole night!" And I said: "I can be there in 3 hours!"

Then Harvey tells us about his arrival. "I got there about 2:30 quarter to three." And they go: "We’re taking you right up to the drum kit, sit down and just start playing!"

It’s now roughly 5:PM and Harvey is in Nikki Sixx’s dressing room going over intro’s and endings! Nikki says to me: "Okay, as soon as we’re done with these songs, are you gonna do a drum solo?"  Harvey bursts out laughing at this point and says "NO!" Tommy was at the hospital getting looked at but he arrived after Harvey’s soundcheck with the others. "Then me & Tommy went over a bunch of drum stuff & I made a big cheat sheet! We had an hour til showtime, we got ready and went on!"

"Tommy sat beside me through the whole show! He kept punching me and  telling me to show off, twirl the sticks and stuff. I do this stick toss where I throw it up in the air and catch it upside down. He (Tommy) was just loving it!"

Harvey plays in an all original band called 1-900 and they have a site at www.one900band.com  Harvey also plays in what he calls a "Metal Skool" type band up in Canada called Broken Toyz.

To hear what else Harvey says you’re going to want to tune into Sludge next week for a lot more?

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Despite Tommy Lee injury, show will go on!


Los Angeles, CA (March 5, 2006) – After playing multiple shows wearing a brace and taking anti-inflamatory injections, Tommy Lee’s doctor instructed him to give his injured right hand wrist a break after his tendonitis made it difficult for him to perform. Tendonitis is a common and painful injury for drummers who pound the skins with great force. Mötley Crüe has played to over a million fans this year in over 100 shows of their wildly successful Carnival of Sins tour.

Mötley Crüe will have another drummer covering Tommy Lee’s shift for tonight’s performance at the Enmax Center in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada: Harvey Warren, drummer of the local Canadian band, Bröken Töyz, who cover Mötley Crüe songs in their show every week.

Instead of canceling their show, Mötley Crue decided to give a fan a chance and share the wealth of rock stardom, reaching out to the drummer after a reference from the House of Blues promoter.  Drummer/vocalist Harvey Warren, spends his day managing a local Starbucks and moonlights for the rock tribute band Bröken Töyz as well as serving as a founding member of Calgary band One Nine Hundred.  When called by the promoter of the show while working at Starbucks, Harvey thought it was a joke.  After some convincing, he realized it was true and accepted, but was sworn to secrecy.  He immediately left work and told his coworkers, "Something happened that will change my life but I can’t tell you until tomorrow!"  “I’m scared to death,” said Warren, “but this is a chance of a lifetime.”

Lee will be on hand and on stage this evening to share a few pointers with Warren and to man the world famous “boobie” cam. Motley Crue has the day off tommorow. Tommy is under doctor supervision and plans on resting his hand in hopes that he can continue on to finish the remaining dates on the tour.

For more info. visit www.motley.com

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