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10?s w/ Up n’ Sludgers UNDERCOVER SLUT from France!

10?s w/ Up n’ Sludgers UNDERCOVER SLUT from France!


Undercover Slut from Paris France!

This episode of 10?s with Up n’ Sludgers UNDERCOVER SLUT comes all the way from Paris France.  This band may be new to you, but don’t be fooled! They have a solid decade plus under their belts and have an incredible show too! They also have a very strong & positive message. Please read on and enjoy "O" (the voice) and the opinions and views of UNDERCOVER SLUT!

1. Who is UNDERCOVER SLUT and why should the Sludge folks care?

UNDERCOVER SLUT or that band your politically correct parents warned you against; also communists hate us so much because we taught the world they were fascists too. We have been kindly tagged as “Paris’ worst nightmare since World War II”, also “Europe’s ..1 industrial glamour punk terrorism act”. Those Sludge illuminaties need a lot more deeper education than what big brother wants them to know. CNN, Fox, etc… is one motherfuckin’ big lie, national medias are controlled by authorities. At least the internet is not that censored… Please question authority as much as can, but never trust them…

2. ‘O’, Pills, 96 & Fuse are your names. What the fuck do your parents think of your crazy band? And are they upset that you are not using your birth names like Claude, Julliete, Fabian, or Napoleon?

We’re actually using those stage names because our birth names are so fuckin’ tasteless, way more shittier than those you actually mentioned. Our parents are scared of our career, and they’re definitely not proud of us, they probably hate us for not being like those smart ass graduated kids.


"O" (the voice) of U-SLUT shows us his lucky star!

3. Of all the bands you shared a bill with, who was the coolest and who were the biggest assholes?

Those Rebel Rebel, Sparkling Bombs dudes always kicked ass, French bands suck cocks though… Let’s burn that French flag !!! Fuck France !!! Sing after me : FUCK FRANCE !!!


Dear ladies & germs, the local paper boys from France look to

be pissed off and will likely shoves those boots in your ass!

4. What bands suck today and need to be kicked in the ass and off their record label so UCS can take their place?

99,9% of bands nowadays suck big time. Bandwagons are so full of cheap copycat fuckers, there’s way too many bands to mention here. Please, let’s not give them the publicity they don’t deserve.

5. Name the 3 high points and 3 low points for UNDERCOVER SLUT to date?

High point ..1: rejecting major record deals for the respect and the sake of art is my number one pride, other high points are worthless compared to that.

High point ..2:

High point ..3:

Low point ..1: there’s absolutely no low points since I’m optimistic as fuck, I always make sure to turn negativity to positivity.

Low point ..2:

Low point ..3:

6. You have real creative song titles like "Daddy’s Little Cunt" and "Ectasia in our Enema." Who is the nice person behind these great poetic writings?

Thank you for that compliment. I am that very nice individual behind those great poetic/politic statements.

I am actually preaching my non-conformist gospel to that black & white untamed youth of today,that needs a reality check so bad. Strong statements will always be an important weapon in our message.


The Peppermint Creeps these guys are not!

We’ll take UNDERCOVER SLUT in an alley fight anyday!

7. What’s the smallest and largest crowd you’ve played in front of?

During our “Make Friends The Hollywood Way : Fuck ‘Em” Amerikkka Tour 2003, smallest show ever was probably in front of like 5 people at L.A.’s Goldfinger’s.

Largest crowd would have been us performing at Paris’ legendary Locomotive.

Fuckin’ sold-out venue.  by the way, it doesn’t matter how many people are in the crowd, even 1 single kid deserves the best. My deepest respect and gratitude to those that are supporting us.

8. Do the groupies in France have hairy armpits and smell like urine?

Wrong person to ask that question, I have great taste. Why don’t you ask other French bands, those fuckers are so fuckin’ tasteless, they know everything on those lovely creatures, they would tell you everything you’d like to know on those bad smelling bitches.


U-SLUT demo sleeve from 1996!

9. If you guys were going to be in a street fight and had to pick one of the following bands to be in your gang, who would you choose? Peppermint Creeps, N’SYNC, Insane Clown Posse or NICKELBACK?

Any of those guys would be okay as long as they’re not like our fuckin’ French army. Remember the French army, worldwide famous for losing wars within 15 minutes.



UNDERCOVER SLUT taking no shit!

10. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Marilyn Manson = What a shitty name for a shock rock band !!! Adolf Bardot or Brigitte Hitler would have been way more controversial, isn’t it ?

Jacques Cousteau = Nice individual deeply in love with those who don’t speak…

Kid Rock = infected by that Michael Jackson syndrome, probably wants to be as black as Michael wants to be white.

Trent Reznor = give him my phone .. and let’s have him remix our own decadent version of Cure’s “Killing An Arab”.

Britney Spears = Strange kind of dyslexia for Britney Disappears and possibly for Britney Diapers.

Taime Downe = to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are…

Wendy O’ Williams = WOW !!!

W. Axl Rose = WAR !!!

Inspector Clouseau = Is that a French police officer ?

CC DeVille = Is she part of that French aristocracy ?

We guess it’s safe to say that these guys don’t visit the tanning salon or go roller skating on Saturday afternoons. To learn more about these industrial-glam-punks go visit them at www.myspace.com/undercoverslut & www.undercoverslut.com

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