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David Lee Roth MIA on radio today? Going, going…?

David Lee Roth MIA on radio today? Going, going…?


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Updated: March 31, 2006

According to www.FMQB.com Dave has some newer and stricter rules!

David Lee Roth was back on the air this morning after being pulled by CBS Radio for the past two mornings. Well, "Dave" Roth was back, with some noticeable changes including the disappearance of his sidekicks and the over 40 different music beds that would rotate during his program.

"Actually, it’s Dave Roth," the Rock star turned radio morning man explained today (3/31) on his program. "There’s a variation here. [I’m] no longer D Ro. We’ve been asked to get rid of the loops and the music and the general gang here."

Down to just his board-op Hutch as the only other person in the studio, Roth said he was facing "disciplinary action" if he didn’t adhere to new "an entirely new format" set forth in letters issued by CBS Radio, which included talk without music beds, more discussion of currents news items, and the introduction of sports as a topic of conversation. Roth said he would be fired if he continued to do his program as he had been and that CBS Radio would not be obligated to pay out the remainder of his contract.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring in a gal to read the weather or read the traffic," Roth suggested. "If I didn’t know any better I would say they are trying to sabotage the deal, but I know they fully support and love me."  He later added, "[CBS Radio CEO/President] Joel Hollander did tell me I needed to be flexible, but I didn’t know he meant I would need a lubricant."

In what is turning into a Mexican standoff, Roth defended his use of the music beds. "Playing twenty-seconds of a rock tune coming in … and twenty-seconds out is a little bit predictable and is familiar," he said. "You know it from a lot of shows, so I thought let’s dispense with it entirely, at least we can try and keep some semblance of what we’re about here."

As for why he was off the air the past two days, Roth said, "I’ll take the fall [for what happened in Florida]. I wasn’t following directives. I was playing a lot of black music and I was having a lot of black fun humor with Animal. We were playing foreign language IDs, which we gotta get rid of. I wasn’t really dealing with the news and the general traffic of the day, so we were taken off the air for a couple of days."

Roth also addressed his tenure to date as a novice radio host. "How long do you think it would take to put a rock band together? Do you think that a band could get together in six weeks and become incredible? That’s essentially what I was called upon to do. And my ‘rock band’ would be compared with possibly the greatest face in the sport — Howard Stern — who had been around for twenty years putting together his art form. For the first four to six weeks, I floundered like a fish on the end of a pike."

Roth also charged that his initial weeks on the air were damaged by CBS Radio not booking any guests on his program. "I asked some friends, not professional players, but people who I knew had a sense of humor to come in and prop me up, because somehow in the first two weeks they failed to book guests, even though we approved a number of folks. Somehow, it just got passed over and I didn’t have any guests for the first two weeks."

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CBS: David Lee Roth Will Return Friday

CBS Radio spokesperson Karen Mateo tells R&R, "Contrary to erroneous reports, David Lee Roth has not been let go. He is on his way back from Miami and is scheduled to return to the air on Friday."

Roth’s unscheduled day off on Wednesday certainly didn’t help the rumor mill cycle down for the past 24 hours. According to Roth’s website, he’s in Miami, reportedly attending the Winter Music Conference, and the rumblings emanating from South Beach claimed Roth didn’t get any sleep Monday night and needed some time off.

JV & Elvis, the midday duo on Roth’s Free FM flagship WFNY/New York, were hastily pressed into service to fill in for Roth this morning, while night jock Booker is filling in on middays.

— Kevin Carter, R&R CHR/Pop Editor 

We’ll still bet the bank he’s gone before the year is!

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According to a post on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards.

Where Is David Lee Roth?

March 29, 2006

By Mike Boyle

Listeners to CBS Radio’s David Lee Roth morning show in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Dallas woke up Wednesday morning (March 29) to WFNY (Free FM) New York midday personalities JV & Elvis filling in, while listeners in Boston and West Palm Beach woke up to music.

At Roth’s New York flagship, PD Mark Chernoff had no comment about why the morning man was missing in action on what would have been his third day broadcasting live from Miami’s trendy South Beach. Chernoff wouldn’t comment on whether the morning man will return on Thursday.

Calls to CBS Radio officials seeking comment have yet to be returned.

WFNY nighttime personality Booker was filling in for JV and Elvis in middays on Wednesday, with part-time personality Julie Slater set to fill in for Booker, playing music–as the station does on weekends.

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