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Aerosmith & Metallica rumors are circulating!

Aerosmith & Metallica rumors are circulating!


Steven Tyler with bird flu?


Updated: Aerosmith cancels rest of tour! Official press release:

AEROSMITH have been forced to cancel the remaining dates on the fifth leg of their "Rockin’ the Joint" sold-out North American tour (which has been ongoing since October 2005) in order for lead singer Steven Tyler to have surgery. Despite AEROSMITH’s desire to keep the tour going as long as possible, Tyler’s doctors advised him not to continue performing to give his voice time to recover. Tyler will be on total vocal rest and can not perform for an extended period of time. AEROSMITH — Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer — apologize and regret any inconvenience to their fans. The band is now on hiatus but look forward to being back in the saddle with a new album and new tour dates. Stay tuned for more…
There’s a whole lotta Cryin’ amongst Aerosmith fans who are worried that frontman Steven Tyler’s throat is shot – or furious that the band has pulled the plug on six shows this month with little warning.

Sources say the Boston Bad Boy is under doctor’s orders to rest his severely strained vocal chords, which have taken quite a beating since the band’s “Rockin’ the Joint” tour kicked off last fall. And when you’re pushing 60, rockers don’t bounce back like the ol’ days!

Steven, who also was felled by the flu, has been kicking around the house on the South Shore for the past couple of weeks. He was spotted at Whole Foods in Hingham this week licking his famous lips at the bakery counter and was overheard complimenting a clerk on her eyes.
“He sounded like he had laryngitis and he had someone doing the ordering for him,” said our spy in the aisles. “They ordered a half dozen cannoli and some fruit tarts.”
The band, which has been on hiatus since the first week in March, scrapped their St. Patrick’s Day show in East Lansing, Mich., with two days notice. But fans from Pensacola, Fla., to Wilkes-Barre, Pa., weren’t so lucky – they got, at most, a day’s warning. Members of the fan club Aeroforce One have spent two weeks warning members not to travel great distances for shows that were in jeopardy of being scrubbed. But the mob in Montreal is confident that the show scheduled for tonight at the Bell Center will go off. (Hmmm. See Whole Foods, above.)

While the band’s management refuses to report any information about Steven or the tour, they did tell us it’s “absolutely untrue” he’s suffering from throat cancer – another fan theory. Bird flu was another.

“You know Steven,” bassist Tom Hamilton told the Track. “Anything worth doing, to him, is worth overdoing.”

Hamilton said the band is touring more now than it did 10 years ago. Which does take a toll when one is 10 years older!  Source: TheTrack.BostonHarold.Com

More rumour mill. Word on the "Internet" street is that Metallica just might be the OzzFest headliner. The same source that leaked us the Rick Rubin (Producer) rumor has now leaked us this as well.

And last but not least, there has been talk that Keri Kelli has taken Ryan Roxie’s spot in the Alice Cooper band. Keri has done stints with Slash’s Snakepit, Ratt, Warrant, Skid Row, Adler’s Appetite, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff, Dad’s Porno Mag, Big Bang Babies & Empire. Just think, if Keri joins 8 more bands he’ll pass Robbie Crane!

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