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WildSide Exposed collection of gay shit from hell!

WildSide Exposed collection of gay shit from hell!

Darryl in ROGUE 1986.jpg

Quite possibly one of the gayest exposed photographs in the history of

hair metal!
Lead singer Drew Hannah in Rogue in 1985/86.

This is pre-Young Gunns & pre-WildSide!

Darryl Rosenfeld 1983.jpgDarryl - Crossfire - 1982.jpgDarryl in first Band Crossfire - 1982.jpg

Greg Brady? Nope! A college student celebrating finals week? Nope!

Ladys & Germs, we give you Drew Hannah of WildSide!

Benny - Rogue 1986.jpg

I’m scared and cold! I feel so dirty.

Benny "Rhyno" Rhinedance looking like a little white poodle that

just got kicked in it’s asshole!

Ben Rhynedance 1971.jpgBen Rhynedance 1981.jpgCadet Ben Rhynedance - USMAPS 1983.jpg

Benjamin Rhynedance from grade school to the armed services!

What a nice young man he was. Then he moved to Hollywood and

got addicted to coccaine & strippers! Kick fucking ass!

Hair by Brad Delp.jpgNice Hairdo Flock of Seagulls -NuProphet 1985.jpg

Benny & Drew getting their hair done! Can you say WHAM?

Benny and Drew - First Gig - NuProphet 1984.jpg

Drew & Benny ready to kick some ass with their freshly styled hair,

parachute pants and matching checkered scarfs in 1984!

Benny and Darryl in NuProphet 1984.jpg

Drew Hannah dressed in his Sunday best, Benny Rhynedance pulls off the George Lynch face (not the licks) and Lyle Lovett plays the drums!

Nu-Prophet Seattle’s finest circa 1984/85.

Benny_Drew_NuProphet _84.jpg

Drew Hannah top right, Benny Rhynedance front, bassist = Flea’s uncle, Lyle Lovetts nephew w/ the stricks & a Ms. Pacman game far right! Nu Prohet 1984.

Benny and Drew in Rogue 1986.jpg

Benny & Drew! Taking the word jackass to a new level!

ROGUE 1986.jpg

Unmistakably Unsigned!


Who’s gonna call this number and ask for Drew?


Looks like King Kobra Kareoke at Gazzarris in 1986!


Drew with his fingerless glove & sunglasses, Benny does his best Bret Michaels, while the others try not to look like they’re in Honeymoon Suite!

Benny in Rogue 1987.jpg

Benny shows his wild side in Rogue 1986!

Rogue photo shoot 1988.jpg

Rogue photoshoot 1986-ish!

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