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Steven Adler offers apology to former band mates!

Steven Adler offers apology to former band mates!


"I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I never wanted to get rid of you."


Steven Adler has broke his silence since returning from Europe. He says a few things that make you wonder how this guy is able to wake up, tie his shoes and go forward day to day.

This interview is from his official website www.stevenadler.net

FANSITE : Dude how’s it goin’?

STEVE : Shit, I gotta make some calls. I got this South America thing comin’ up.

FANSITE: Whattaya got comin’ up?

STEVE : Uh, I got Brazil, Aregentina, Mexico, everywhere down there…

FANSITE : How was the tour that you just came back from?

STEVE : Dude, it was great. I did something like 25 shows; Germany, Italy, Spain, England – dude, you gotta see my hand. I gotta have an operation on my hand!

FANSITE: What happened?

STEVE: It got caught! This guy closed the door on me, the sliding door on a van. I did so many shows with it, so painful you wouldn’t believe!

FANSITE : So dude, that’s answers part of the controversies…

STEVE : Dude, I was doin’ great! I wasn’t doin’ nuthin’! Drinkin’ my Jaeger, puffin’ my bud! Honest dude, you know I’d tell you!

FANSITE : Well what about the whole band thing?

STEVE : Dude, it was so important for this whole thing to go fucking off smoothly. And it did. I did fifteen shows in England, almost in a row. I kicked ass and had a great time, made a new dvd, and I did it. I wanted Keri back, but I never called him up and said anything to him.
FANSITE : But, I mean, these guys were your bros, and you kinda….

I told them, I said "I don’t want to get rid of you! I don’t want to throw you away! I love ya! I want to work with you! I just have to try to do this!" I had to prove myself! That South America shit? Dude, I got that band together in five fuckin’ days! I did it! I didn’t cancel, I proved myself. Everytime I’ve gone to Europe it ended up costing me eight to ten thousand dollars! I didn’t make dick there!

Right, but wouldn’t it be better to think about that before you go?

Dude, I did think about it, I thought it was going to be different!

FANSITE : Well, you know what people were thinkin’, that this guy Adam Bomb came along and fucked things up…
STEVE : Oh, Jesus Christ! The only thing he said to me, made me feel, that I could do this thing on my own. It was good and it was bad and it was ugly. I learned a lot, but still I got fucked over. The first night I played with him, we did well, and I thought, "cool, maybe this is want I need". I mean, I hope, that I can still work with Sheldon and the guys sometime. But I know they’re pissed. I…fuck…. with the other guys, Robbie and them, they were wanting to cancel the shows in South America that time, and I said "No way!" I just had to prove that I could do it on my own. I did it, I pulled it off.

FANSITE : But like Chip, he was your bro…

STEVE : Dude, he still is! He called me last night! We’re gonna be doing some recording and shit! Look, I’m just so tired, and my hand… Dude, you know me..
FANSITE : Well, did you tell them, over a single night, that "Adam Bomb is the new manager, if you don’t like it you can leave?"

You gotta understand, please, everybody would go home making money. What happened was, I got ripped off again. Being with Adam, I learned more business.

Well, what would you say to the guys, Sheldon and them?

I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I never wanted to get rid of you. It was ugly and I’m sorry.

What are your thoughts on, like, Metal Sludge?

It’s a cruel gossip thing! It’s the meanest thing, dude. People say, "Oh he lives his life through one record", like they’re all above that or something. Or "Oh, if I had his success, I’d be doing a lot more than he does", well, maybe you should think about why you’re not successful. I’m proud of what I’ve done!

So it’s the forum that you’re pissed at?

STEVE :  I was in South America and someone had a computer. There was an interview with Axl, and people were saying bad things about him! I saw the picture, I said, "He looks great!" And what he was talkin’ about? Sounds like he’s very happy, doin’ what he wants to do. That’s awesome! I don’t want him to be hurt! But these crazy fuckers…
FANSITE : What’s your relationship with Adam? Are you guys business partners? What’s the deal?

I want nothing to do with him! I was only with him for two weeks! He says one thing and does a goddamn other. His bass player was a great guy. Hard worker. Rossi, great guy, too!

What was the end for you guys?

STEVE : When we were supposed to go to Spain. My money, my merchandise, my cymbals and shit – were gone! And he was gone.
FANSITE : So what’s goin’ on now?

I’m just tryin’ to rest. My hand is fucked up. I got calls to make. I gotta call Chip back…I wanna make a record. It’s goddamn time…

Well all the shit may not have been good for your image…

My image? I still played great, everybody dug it! Like the first GNR convention, I didn’t think I would be talkin’! The first five questions the guy asked me, "C’mon, are you nervous?". I said "Fuckin’ A  I’m nervous, get me a fuckin’ drink!" In South America, I was by myself! I got the band together in five days! I used an Italian band in Italy. I played with six different bands. The Irish band was the best! They were fuckin’ good!

The UK band actually dressed like Guns N’ Roses…

Dude, yeah, yeah…I told them, "Dude, just be yourselves!" It was freaky man! Being onstage we were playing and I’d look up – "Holy Shit!", ’cause, it kinda looked like ‘em. Then we’d go backstage and the guys would take their wigs off, blew my mind! Scared the shit out of me! (laughs) Well I gotta make some calls. Tell the shit-talkers to piss off and fuck off and I don’t need them!

Well hopefully everybody is getting your sense of humor by now!

Of course! You know what to put! I love my fans! Thank you everybody!

Alright, bro, talk w/ ya later!

It seems Steven is ALWAYS being ripped off yet he has more money and has had more success than all the guys he’s played with combined!

Here is some helpful advice in the future. When your head is up inside your ass, please remove it. Things will go smoother we promise.

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