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March Sludgette of the month Misty Gayle!

March Sludgette of the month Misty Gayle!

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Misty Gayle looks like pure trouble to us!


1. Tell us about you, who you are and why you’re hanging out @ Metal Sludge?  
Lets see, about me, I’m never good at this, damn. Well, someone here helping me told me that I should say I’m short, bitchy, and like to buy shoes, ha. I’m an animal lover, a true crime reader, I’m a good little Southern girl, and a bad girl when the time comes…I am decent, and friendly to everyone to a fault, and am a very proud Texan.  

If ya’ll wanna check it, my myspace is www.myspace.com/misstexyass   

Why I hang out at Metal Sludge..? Well, I just do, is that good enough, lol. I’m teasing, I like the people, the subjects, the crazy shit that gets thrown around here from time to time. I’ve met some people off here, and think they are awesome…. oh yea, and the girls and girls thread, you rock guys…..MUAH…  
2. Stats please?

Age: 27  

Height: 5’2" 

Weight: 115…….

wow I’m brave, lol. 


Owww! My eye – my eye!

3. Where are you from, where do you wanna move to, and what do you do

for a job?

Alrighty, I’m from Texas as most everyone knows, lol. Where do I wanna move, well….it’s a tie between L.A. and Miami Beach, love them both…  

4. Tell us about your turn ons and your turn offs?  
Turn ons, let’s see….rockers in leather, damn them all; and….well…. Christian Dior, I can’t help myself.  

Turn offs…animal abusers, and anyone who thinks they are to fucking cool to be decent, seems I know many of them.  

5. Name your favorite and least favorite bands?  
Favorite, first of all Motley Crue, Poison, Def Lep., Cinderella, Faster Pussycat,

GNR., Skid Row..  
Least favorite,..to many to list here  
6. If you could get naked and exchange body fluids with any past Sludgeaholic/Sludgette who would you pick and why?  
Rockphoto, she is a doll, met her and Lars while I was out in L.A. in the first two seconds of saying hello, my ta tas popped right outta my shirt, hows that for a first time hello? ha. Why, need I explain why…..*sinful thoughts*…..*spanks to muh RP*  



A happy & super sexy Metal Slut! With a very fashionable Metal

Slut top found here in the Sludgendise store!

7. Tell us about your swimsuit modeling career and what is Curvacion?  
My modeling, well that fell in my lap. A friend of mine could not make it to an appt. with my photographer, and she suggested I go, and there it went. I never wanted to be someone in front of the camera, I’ve always been the behind the scenes kinda girl, really shy, but I did it and fell in love with it, and am getting ready to do more. Curvacion, well… you’ll have to ask my photographer about that one…some kind of secret I’ve yet to be let in on, lol…  
8. How did you find about Metal Sludge and how long have you been

cumming here?
Damn, its been so long, I can hardly remember. It seems I heard about it thru friends of friends of friends. Went to the site, and loved it, and I’ve been cruecake for 4 years, very proud to say….  


9. Your personal motto is …. 

My I give a fuck broke down about a mile back….  

10. How do feel about being crowned our March Sludgette of the month?  
I adore it, thanks so much for letting me be. Does this mean I am officially Miss March…..? When do I get my centerfold guys…….. ;)~  

Centerfold? Doesn’t that entail nudity? If you got the pics Ms. Misty, we got a space to post them. Guys, do we want to see these yes or no?

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