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Vh1 supergroup name themselves Damnocracy!

Vh1 supergroup name themselves Damnocracy!


Damnocracy is Ted Nugent (hat), Baz, Bonham, Scott Ian & Evan!


Updated: Here is a post of a review from their debut gig in Las Vegas. Sounds like Bas & Evan are getting along great. And the e-mail is from someone who claims the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Baz & Evan already came to blows one night.

Stay tuned it’s gonna get even better, we just know it.

VH1 Supergroup


Empire Ballroom

Las Vegas, NV


Ace Of Spades

Free For All


Out On The Tiles


Take It Back



Sin City

Youth Gone Wild

Cat Scratch Fever

Whole Lotta Love

I’m beat, hopefully someone will post a longer review. There was no cover, so it was pretty full, but I was still able to slide into the venue rather quickly about 10-20 min. before they hit the stage. Overall thought it was pretty good, especially the opening 3 numbers. Ted Nugent and Scott Ian jamming Motorhead and AC/DC classics? Sweet! Out On The Tiles was pretty sloppy though, and I didn’t care for the original number they did, but whatever, it was free.

A camera attached to a crane bashed part of the chandelier that is above the floor. Pieces fell onto the people below – if the camera had gone another foot or so farther it might have knocked lights and speakers down. Could have been really bad, but luckily no one was hurt.

Everyone onstage seemed like they were having a good time, although I did notice Evan looking a little annoyed when Baz was throwing out t-shirts during the jam in Stranglehold. Thought it might be my imagination, ’til I read the front page of sludge right before posting this.

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Well, you simply cannot teach an old dog new tricks as the saying goes. This was reported on page 4 of the Las Vegas Review Journal (our big daily newspaper) today, Sunday March 5th. It appeared in the society/celebrity column called NORM! Vegas Confidential which appears in the paper everyday. He does incorrectly call them the MTV Supergroup, but I have sent it to you exactly as it appeared in the paper today. Bitch Boy has the unparalled ability to rub everyone wrong given time. I wish he would rub Ted the wrong way, Nugent is one of the few people that could make mincemeat out of Sebitchin’. Anyway, here follows word for word the contents from today’s paper should you wish to add it to your news page.


A Las Vegas Sludgeporter

You can’t coop up five big-name rockers in the same space for more than a week and not have friction. I hear MTV’s "Supergroup" participants Sebastian Bach and Evan Seinfeld engaged in fisticuffs back at the Parisian Palace after a night out last week.

We did a report on this Vh1 supergroup recently, to read it go here. To read the new update stay here bitch and then go read the old shit later!

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I just happened to be in Las Vegas today and heard that "Supergroup" was doing some filming for the VH1 upcoming reality show. So we headed down to the location which was downtown @ Fremont Street. They had a flatbed set up in the center of the street with a HUGE camera crew. We had to fill out release forms in order to watch the show because it was being filmed. Anyway to make a long story short: They sounded great, Scott,Nuge,Baz,Evan and Bonham really did a great job. Doc Mcgee was also in the mix. They only played 3 songs but it was still a great time. People went CRAZY over Nugent! There were also a few washed up bleach blond sluts there for Baz too. They did 2 originals they sounded very well written, so well that I kept thinking that Desmond Child may have had something to do with it. Regardless hopefully they write enough material to do a whole record. It sounded like….. real heavy rock i guess? They also did a cover of Cat Scratch Fever with Baz and Ted sharing the vocal duties which sounded great. I went to this thing not expecting much but I was very surprised and it was alot of fun. At one point I thought Baz might kill himself when he proceeded to climb on this unsecured P.A. stack. It was shaking all over on the verge of falling over. I think once he got up there, he may have realized that it was a bad idea…. Security didn’t seem to like it much either. They will also be performing this Sunday at the Empire Ballroom in Vegas at 8:00. They said that it would be a full concert featuring material from everybodys catalog. I recommend checking it out if your in the area Anyway heres a couple pics for ya….they are kinda crappy since i took them with my phone.
I almost forgot, they are calling themselves Damnocracy



Another quality cell phone pic from Beau! Baz strikes the metal pose!

Thanks to Beau for his update and contributions to the mighty Metal Sludge!

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