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Axl Rose on the loose in Hollywood @ Club Xenii!

Axl Rose on the loose in Hollywood @ Club Xenii!


Axl Rose & Tuesdae from Vexy Strut!

Mr. Rose has become quite the little social butterfly coast to coast as of late.

Vexy Strut lead singer Tuesdae is a Sexy Slut! And her dream has come true twice in a week! She met Axl Rose, and now she’s made it big time on Metal Sludge!

Here is her story as posted on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards.

I’ve been getting so many emails and interview offers about this, I thought I’d just post about it here…

Saturday night, it happened. I knew it would someday, and it was incredible…

After playing a DJ gig at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday Feb. 25, I was booked to play after hours at Xenii in Hollywood – a members only party. I was introduced to Axl Rose around 4:30am, and talked with him several times, even playing his request for 50 Cent’s "Magic Stick"! Axl’s still got that fire, but was so kind and interested in our conversation – I learned a lot from our brief meeting.

Mostly we spoke of vocal techniques, which was a dream come true for me! He was interested in knowing more about my band Vexy Strut, and said he would like to know what I thought about some of his new songs. Axl was playful, jumping into the DJ booth with me at one point, and had several women seated at his table, along with Michael Sutton (Hollywood’s most notorious nightlife promoter) at his side all night. We plan to meet up again in a few weeks at Xenii. I’m so thrilled! I can see a friendship on the way…

I’m happy he’s back on the scene, making himself visible – it gives hope to so many of us who love Guns n’ Roses. He’s a true inspiration!

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Rock forever, Tuesdae

And guess what Tuesdae, it happened again. You’ve made it onto Metal Sludge!

Congratulations, you’re a big star now.

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