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Warrant resurfaces with new CD and tour dates.

Warrant resurfaces with new CD and tour dates!


Some chick from the show "Rock Star"interviews frontman

Jamie St. James and Steven Sweet of Warrant!

Warrant has recently been making some noise about the release of their new CD "Born Again" which you can read more about @ www.warrantweb.net

They also have booked a few shows & recently played a Southern California date. We found a few pics from this show posted @ www.archiesicecream.com

and decided to put up some shots along with some comments from the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board.

Have fun kids, it’s only rock n’ roll.


Eric Turner gives us the peace sign and shows off his eye liner & tattoos.

Jerry Dixon throws horns and smiles.

He seems to be pretty happy even though he’s lost his chin!


Phil Collins grew a goatee & joined Warrant? Oops., that’s Joey Allen folks.


Aggressive, hung top seeks bottom in Weho area, available for over nights.

Oops, wrong text, right photo! Steven Sweet looking very masculine.

Let’s see what the fans are saying shall we?

THESE GUYS ARE ALL SUPER FUCKIN COOL!!!  Leave some love on my website…

Team Archie’s

Posted By: bigstick


Glad u liked your show, I was disappointed a couple months ago, I tried to like them.

Posted By: AngryAgain


I bet the new Warrant album is good….best thing in 15 years i bet

Posted By: tweet75


I’ll tell you what, Dixon needs to lay off the booze. He looks like his liver is running about 30%.

Posted By: wylde342


What instrument does the guy on the very left play? j/k

PS The singer looks about as manly as the chick from Nashville Pussy.

Posted By: Rockscar


Joey and Steven look to metrosexual. ;)

Posted By: HeavyMetalZombie666


Could’nt that bitch (interviewing) get a cordless mic? Low budget!

Posted By: KAOS


looks like a bunch of local losers and kids dads up there playing…pathetic

really, its time to pack it in guys, fat, balding, 40 year olds with eye liner…

Posted By: ShawnoftheDead


They’re all a bunch of fat fucks.

Who’d have thought Joey Allen would end up looking like the most normal and

coolest of them all….

Sad and pathetic.

Posted By: The_Creep


Damn! Erik and Jerry have put on weight since i saw them 2 years ago. Geez.

Posted By: Wally_Hatchet


That band has nine chins.

Posted By: TheTravelingDingleBerries


Could someone please get Jerry Dixon a weed whacker for his gigantic eyebrows?

Fer fuck’s sake, they’re ginormous.

Posted By: Wikkid1



OMG, when I met them several months ago, Jerry was so fucking drunk he could barely walk. It’s a shame too, because he’s still hotter than fuck.

Posted By: Rockchick75


tweet75 wrote:
I bet the new Warrant album is good….best thing in 15 years i bet

It blows , In my opinion anyway maybe if it was labled Black n Blue then it’d get a

fair shake but as warrant it suxx.

Posted By: elecgypsy

Of course the fans are never short on opinions and insults. However it is safe

to say that beer and liquor should be removed from a few peoples diet.

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