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Kid Rock & Scott Stapp appear in groupie sex tape!

Kid Rock & Scott Stapp appear in groupie sex tape!


Here is a nice collection of mug shots of the Kid from various arrests

The best part is where a groupie walks in and Kid Rock introduces himself with a wave and says; "Bob, nice to meet ya." She  hugs him and the next scene is the girl on her knees blowing him.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say the blowing happened within minutes or maybe even seconds after the hello.

Watch a trailer here http://www.kidrocksextape.com/700.wmv

Or here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmSAtuTYcc8&search=kid%20rock%20

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – A videotape showing Kid Rock and former Creed frontman

Scott Stapp engaging in explicit sexual activity with four female fans on a tour bus has been acquired by California company Red Light District, the distributor of the notorious 2004 Paris Hilton sex tape "One Night in Paris."

The company has launched a 40-second preview clip of the 45-minute tape at the Web sites KidRockSexTape.com and ScottStappSexTape.com and says it plans to release the entire video at some point this year.

Red Light District president David Joseph told Billboard.com he purchased the tape, which was shot in 1999 while Rock and Creed were on tour, from "a third-party source who was about to put it out for free on the Internet. I basically stopped him from doing that."

Joseph says his attempts to contact Rock and Stapp, who do not engage in sex acts with each other on the tape, have so far been unsuccessful. "This wasn’t just shot by one person — there were a lot of people holding the camera," he says. "Because of that, it’s not necessary that we need (Rock and Stapp) to sign off on this. We left messages for them but they didn’t respond, so maybe they didn’t take it seriously."

Joseph declined to offer additional details about the tape’s original owner or what exactly is depicted on it, other than to say, "It’s really good. I wish I was a rock star, I tell you. I’m in the wrong business."

The news comes just five days after Stapp was arrested for public intoxication while trying to board a plane at Los Angeles International Airport. The singer was married a day earlier, in Miami, to Jaclyn Nesheiwat, who is a former Miss New York and the director of public affairs for the Scott Stapp Foundation, which promotes healthy parent-child relationships.

Representatives for Stapp and Rock did not respond to requests for comment.

Even though they have no comment, there are already a few websites with their names promoting the tape.

www.KidRockSexTape.com & www.ScottStappSexTape.com

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