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Tommy Lee claims he was sucker punched by a lil bitch!

Tommy Lee claims he was sucker punched by a lil bitch!


Tommy Lee says "KARMA KILLS"

According to http://www.allhiphop.com/rumors/?ID=948


Tommy Lee hit illseed up! And the rocker is letting it be known about the assault in Detroit at Eminem’s Shady Bowl. What you thought to be true is probably false, but read on: You finally have the other side of the story. Rock on!

Tommy Lee to illseed: Hey! What up? Well….the truth is…..That [the Detroit situation] was the wackest s**t ever! Man, I haven’t been sucker-punched since f**kin’ high school!

I had a blast at the party watched Eminem rip a few songs and it was time to split, because I had two parties of mine to DJ at Bleu and The Vault with Snoop Dogg. So I’m walking out of Em’s party and as I usually do say hi to people all the time. I remember saying hey to this Black dude. He said "Hey Tommy Lee" I said, "Hey bro….what up!" So a few steps later I’m at the top of the stairs leaving and BLAM!!! Some dude jumps two-deep over my security guard and friends and clocks me!

I gotta give it to him – he almost knocked me out! Once I focused, I recognized him! It was the same dude I just said hello to! Then I watched the lil’ b***h run like a punk! Oh well! There was not one f***in’ word spoken about Kid Rock, D-12, Detroit-anyone for that matter! S**t, I was just chillin’ and havin’ a cool time. I love Detroit! All I can say to that f**k who sucker-punched me is: KARMA KILLS THOSE WHO CAN’T KILL THEMSELVES, B***H!

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