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Meeting Mr. Jani Lane from a true fans perspective.

Meeting Mr. Jani Lane from a true fans perspective.


Jani Lane says: "Whoa!"

A fan from Australia is impressed and let down all at once.

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From: Michael / Australia
Sent: Saturday, February 11, 2006 10:53 PM
Subject: Jani Lane

Hi Guys

Love the site, always check out the cool interviews & updates. I’m from Australia & had the unusual experience of meeting Jani Lane. Believe me it was a pleasure I think the guy is so talented. I’m a true fan, more with his solo stuff than the WARRANT stuff. Some interesting shit went down that night in my presence. It pretty much explains why the guy is a mess. 

I was in L.A a few weeks back Jan 12th ’til Jan 20th. On Monday the 16th I went to a gig at the Key Club on Sunset to watch Metal Skool. About half way through the show Ralph lead singer of Metal Skool announces on the mic that the lead singer of Warrant is in the crowd "lets get him up here to sing a song or 2". Russ Parrish the guitarist then says "wow it’s Jamie St James" These guys are great comedians as well as great musicians so anyone laughed as it was a joke. Jani stuck both middle fingers up towards the stage. I thought how good is this Jani Lane is in the crowd one of my heroes. Anyway Jani finally got up & sung the Alice In Chains song Man In A Box and absolutely kicked ass. It was great. Then I thought I have to meet this guy. So I kept an eye on where he was standing  but because he was in the roped off VIP area I thought no chance & this place was packed.The people he was with then continued to fill his glass back up every time it was empty, and he kept putting them away drink after drink.For a guy that’s suppose to be getting his shit together they weren’t much help. So much for friends. 
Then all of a sudden I saw him & 2 other guys heading down stairs to the toilets underneath the Key Club so I followed. I didn’t want to be a stalker but this was my only chance because there’s no crowd down there & it’s quiet. Just as I got into the men’s room the 3 of them had just closed to door to the end stall. So I went into the one right next to them. They were in there for a while so after I did my business I peered over the wall & they were snorting cocaine or some shit like it. They didn’t see me so I got out of there & proceeded to wash my hands. Then they came out. Jani & the one of the other guys went straight to the wash basin & washed there noses to get rid of the white power that had missed the mark. They didn’t seemed to care that I was there so I approached Jani & told him I was a fan & really enjoyed the Back Down To One cd & I was looking forward to his new stuff. He was really cool & shook my hand & said thanks man I appreciate it.

Then one of the other guys he was with started getting rowdy throwing shit around the wash room including the candy out of the basket the poor man gives you after you tip him for giving you a towel to wipe your hands. The same guy picked up a hand full of lollypops (suckers) & threw it in Jani’s face. Then did a reverse snort so all the shit up his nose went everywhere, just being a complete dickhead. At one stage I thought they were seriously going to come to blows so I got out of there.They were pretty fucked up. For the rest of the night Jani was given drinks & he kept putting them away one after the other. After the show he even struggled to cross the street as I saw him while I was leaving. He was trembling & was totally out of it.

These are his so called friends who are killing his career & most importantly his health If this is the environment he chooses to be around then I’m afraid one day

we’ll have another River Phoenix case to read about. Very sad indeed because when straight he’s one of the most talented musicians in the business.





Sydney Austarlia


p.s Don Dokken also got up & sang Into The Fire & Jump (Van Halen) at that show & sucked big time. He was dressed up like a homey hip hop dude complete with beanie

& track suit & the hand gestures to boot. What a disappointment.

Three grown men in a single bathroom stall?

Of course we can not confirm nor deny this fans perspective, but we will say that Metal Skool is always a blast, and Jani Lane has practically become part

of the band weekly. Go see ‘em they kill!

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