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Steven Adler still in the UK – now he cancels Cardiff too!

Steven Adler flailing in the UK cancels Nottingham!


Steven Adler went from playing in the biggest band on

the planet to jamming with cover bands!

Updated: Feb. 14th 2006

What a fucking moron! Someone help this guy…

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From: PJ
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 11:27 AM
Subject: Steven Adler (again)
Hi Metal Sludge ,
After reading a few mails concerning Adler’s Appetite , I just thought I’d let you know he cancelled another show at The Point in Cardiff last night( Feb 13th ). I got a phone call at around 4.30 pm yesterday from The Point booking office saying that Mr Adler has had to cancel due to breaking his wrist !!! He gets sick quite a lot doesn’t he??


We planned to do an update last week about Mr. Steven Adler and his latest antics, but it seemed like work. Now we’ve come to learn that over the weekend – SUPRISE – Steven cancelled another show . This time because he had a sore throat.

Here are a few recent e-mails and reports we received about Mr. Brownstone himself.

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From: UK Insider


Saturday, February 11, 2006 10:22 Am

Subject: Adler

Good Afternoon L.A.

for anyone who cares adler has just cancelled tonight’s gig at nottingham rock city due to  having a sore throat leaving him unable to perform.

correct me if im wrong but i always thought adler was the drummer not the vocalist……….

later. UKI

This came in a few weeks ago, but by this time, I think everybody was getting over the site being Adler’s Sludge. Of course it was likely typed up and sent by his lil’ friend Adma Bomb, but hey what the hell, a horse is a horse. Or a jackass!

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To, metalsludge@metalsludge.tv

Sent: TUESDAY January 31, 2006 6:57 AM

Subject: From Steven Adler

Hello to all my "friends" at Metal Sludge.  I arrived in London today, after a great few days in Rome.  We rocked Latina, shopped, ate great Italian food and relaxed for a couple of days in a beautiful hotel overlooking St. Peter’s Square.  I’m perfectly happy and healthy at the moment, no thanks to Dizzy Perm and Roberto Monteheto and a few other tiresome people I fired, who should be spending their time on the internet looking for a job rather than fixating on me. Gotta go.  I have a life.

Steven Adler,


JC asks a lot of questions.  Including a few comments about Adler.

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From: JC

To: metalsludge@metalsludge.tv:

Sunday, February 12, 2006
Subject: Chris Holmes, Randy O, Lizzie Grey, and some other crazy fucks!!!

Hail Metal Sludge!!!  Your site is exactly what a young(old at heart) metal mother fucker needs to find out about the guys that had already faded before I got a chance to see or hear what the hell happened to them.  Steven Adler?!?!? WOW!! You would think once he got some money and had a stroke he would pass on the crack!?  I hate to hear bad things about Blackie bein a fuck head cuz I truly do love that guy.  But to the real reason of my inquiry.  I would like to see some interviews from Chris Holmes and what he is doing now, the man is metal!!  Same with Lizzie Grey, Randy O, and since we are on the subject of Decline stars..  What about the jackass in the "zoot -Suit" from Seduce claiming to have "stocks and bonds and shit like that" where did they go?  Really though if i could just know what Chris Holmes is doin it would kick ass!  But hey, you guys kick alota ass already!!!  I hope Steven doesn’t die a shameful death.  The death of Robin Crosby comes to mind when I think of Rock Starz that burned out to fast, possibly the saddest tale of all guitar heroes indeed.

HAIL AND KILL!!!  JC  Dallas, Tx.

p.s what the fuck happened to Carlos Cavazo?!?!?!

This is a review from last nights show at the Underworld in London.

This was taken from Jizzy Pearl’s Message Board www.jizzypearl.com

"I don’t get the chance to post that much anymore, and I really wasn’t going to write this because, well, who really gives a fuck anymore anyway and if you don’t have anything positive to say then don’t say anything, blah di blah….however, I felt moved (possibly by my bowels) so bad was the Adlers gig last night at the Camden Underworld. I’d be interested if anyone else went and can either back me up or disagree with me, as I’m still doubting that I really witnessed that spectacle. I also left before the end, something that I have never done in 18 years of going to gigs (other than a handful of times to catch the last train when shows have been running late etc.) so maybe it got better and I missed out. I’d be surprised though.

The first amusing thing was a note pinned to the entrance stating which people wouldn’t be playing with the band tonight!

So there was two support bands that were OK, mainly background noise for me but not terrible or anything. Then Adam Bomb came on stage for his ’25 minute’ set, that lasted for at least an hour. I must admit, that I developed a serious dislike for this guy at the Hanoi Rocks gig on the last AA tour when he played an extra long set to make up for AA not being at that show, but I thought, well I’ll give him a chance. He can obviously play a guitar and he’s not the worst singer that I’ve ever heard. He does look like a slightly older version of Alice Cooper without the makeup, but then I’m no pinup either. The guy just loves himself and the sound of his voice too much though. Nothing wrong with a bit of confidence, but play your allotted time and get off the stage, I’m not here to see you and I’ve heard Eddie Van Halen himself play Eruption, seen Ray Davies and Dave Lee Roth perform Kinks songs. You’re not that impressive. Anyway, he finally leaves the stage after the fifth or sixth extra song all of which were going to be his last.

Some time later, the lights go down and the GnR tribute band walk on stage. Adler makes his entrance to much applause and they launch into five or six GnR covers. It’s mildly amusing to see an Axl lookalike (known to one of my friends who can’t stop laughing at him) who is desperately trying to sound and move like the man. The backing band are fairly anonymous but reasonably competent musicians. Mr Adler’s need to walk down the front after every track, shake everyone’s hand, get patted on the back and kiss a girl or two before launching into a slurred speech is a little irritating, however, the whole thing is fairly entertaining in a slightly comical way. The band look a little embarrassed and aren’t sure what to do during these Churchillian speeches. They also seem pretty subdued throughout the set and keep looking to Adler to find out what they should be doing.

The singer’s voice is giving way by the last song they play, My Michelle, and then the band are suddenly walking off stage, after only half a dozen numbers! It then becomes apparent that Adam Bomb is coming back to the stage, and Adler informs us that they are going to play a couple of numbers ‘just for the fun of it’. How the word fun could in any way be associated with the next 20 minutes of my life is frankly beyond me. With just the two of them on stage, they play a fairly long version of Maggie May followed by an Aerosmith song that I didn’t know. I don’t know whether Adler is back on the hard stuff, however, I would have gladly re-mortgaged my house in order to buy enough shit to take me back to a ‘happy place’ at this point. OK, ‘fun’ over, back on with GnR. No such luck. They play a third song, which my brain seems to have erased from my memory for some reason. When this ends it suddenly dawns on me that much of the dancefloor (which had previously been fairly full) has cleared and that there is booing coming from the back. Unperturbed Adam Bomb announces that they are going to play All The Young Dudes, a song that he recorded for his first album (how many albums has he inflicted on the world!). At this point I decide enuff z’nuff (where is Chip anyway?). Along with all of my friends we decide to grab our coats and try and make the last trains to at least save us on some cab fare (which didn’t work in my case and ended up costing me another £10). By this point, half of the crowd has left and there are dozens of people outside trying to hail cabs or get to the tube also.

On my way out the merch guys are desperately trying to sell me and anyone else something, anything! I think that they had only actually set up during Adlers set. A big mistake. He had plenty of fans at the start of the night, but I’m not sure that he had too many at the end.

I’ll admit, that I went to the gig fully expecting it to be pretty poor, however, I had tickets already and a few friends were going who I hadn’t seen for a while (including one poor bloke who had flown over from Denmark – originally having bought the tickets as he was going to meet with Chip). So maybe I’m a little less objective than I should be, however, even today, I’m still dumbfounded by the sheer awfulness of the show. The only real value was the carnival freakshow that it became. Words can’t really convey just how bad this was, you really had to be there to get the full effect. When I left, I wasn’t sure whether to feel sorry for the guy, or for my wallet. Still, at least I met a girl who is letting me crash at hers for the Red Star Rebels gig at the Purple Turtle in Camden next week, so I suppose the night wasn’t a total loss.

Anyone else go? If so, did you stay and did the tribute band come back to the stage?

S to the A to the D!

Stay tuned to Metal Sludge for an up coming interview with Sheldon Tarsha former AA frontman.

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