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Jani Lane allegedly got beat up by a fans boyfriend.

Jani Lane allegedly got beat up by a fans boyfriend.


Jani Lane Big Talkin’?


It appears as though there might have been a melt down, a blow up or both at the Lingerie Bowl last Sunday. This event which was a PPV and held at the LA Coliseum during halftime of the Super Bowl. Jani Lane was scheduled to perform a version of Cherry Pie as well.

The following was posted on Jani Lane’s official myspace site at www.myspace.com/janilane

Posted by David:

"Dude! What the hell was that at the Lingerie Bowl? What shit were you on? You’re getting back to your fat and bloated days. You only sang half the words. Geez! I

paid $20 for that? I’m sorry Jani, that was a sorry excuse for a performance. If anyone here reads my comments and wants to bash me, go ahead! I just don’t have my ass up my head and see the real shit that’s going on! Jani, You NEED HELP!

Fuckin’ watch that show when you’re sober (if you’re ever sober anymore) and tell

me that was not an embarrassment! I’m sorry the guys playing with you had to be

a part of that debacle. I wish you the best but I’m also not going to sit around and enable your habits. Get help before it’s too late!!! People will help you, don’t wait

until it’s too late!

Take Care and Best of Luck with your demons."


This was a follow up post by someone named "She." This person from reports

is actually named Shelia and has allegedly been linked to Mr. Lane.

Some street rumours have said this person "She" is the individual Jani Lane had proposed to onstage a few weeks back at a Metal Skool show. We covered that nonsense here.

Posted by She:

I Can’t believe I am responding to your comment. Sorry you felt that way about Jani. The song was cut from 4 min. to 2…. He was jumped a few days ago and beaton pretty bad. By a creap whos girlfriend is a fan. That is why his face was swolen. We have iced it everyday. All of his luggage was stolen on his birthday with his medication that he needs. I think he did a gret job considering the situation…. The also put him through an 8 hour sound check. Rember he too his human. Things happen to him that don’t to everyone else. HAVE A HEART!

Has Jani Lane been living under a black cloud or is there some blame to place elsewhere?

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