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Tommy Lee gets his ass beat by some rappers?

Tommy Lee gets his ass beat by some rappers?


Sup, my name is Tommy! I came to talk shit and act Gansta yo, but I’m all

out da Gangsta! Yo, yo, yo – check dis out. Name is Trick deuce! As in

Trick Trick and I don’t "act" gangsta, I am Gangsta!

Looks like the thug life rappers of D-12 from D-City ain’t down with the clown when the clown is named Tommy Lee.

www.Allhiphop.com is reporting that MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee "got punched in his mouth" at the Shady Bowl Super Party at the State Theatre in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, Feb. 4. According to the report, "the assault is/was on videotape."

Although details are sketchy on this alleged physical confrontation, a www.BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor claims that he saw Lee "get the crap beat out of him by rapper Trick Trick’s Goon Sqwad crew after Lee was openly dissing Detroit’s own Kid Rock [former fiancé of Tommy’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson]. They really pounded him like a snare drum! Tommy Lee was supposed to DJ at the Penthouse magazine party later that night but I guess he was a no-show."

At press time, there has been no word regarding the extent of Lee’s injuries — assuming that the assault did, in fact, take place.

More on this has been update at www.Allhiphop.com


So, Tommy Lee probably learned a valuable lesson over the Super Bowl weekend : Don’t talk junk about Detroit or its people. That’s what I heard happened. Word has it ol’ boy was running off at the mouth like a Twista verse about Kid Rock and Detroit. Possibly drunk, he reportedly said "F**k Detroit" at the Shady Bowl within an earshot of Obie Trice and the rest of the Shady crew. Now, I am not suggesting that Obie struck him, but I am saying that witnesses saw several people jump the rock-n-roller. I heard even one of the DJ hosts got into it! Please tell me he didn’t use the N-word, because I heard that too; I’d have to jump in then. Hip-Hop is the new bad boys of the music game, man, rock cats and all that back bitin’ stuff is corny!

A Sludge fan wearing Sludgendise was reported to have asked for a capture as Lee was getting free styled on the floor. However the Goon Sqwad was doin’ da freestylin’ on Lee’s face. Rumour has it they pretended their fists were drum sticks and his face was a snare drum!

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