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Tommy Lee hits on a tranny at Toronto nightclub!

Tommy Lee hits on tranny at Toronto nightclub!


Hi my name is Tommy, nice to meat you!

According to Starpulse.com Tommy Lee tried to romance a MAN, again! Didn’t Tommy notice that she, he, it, err, ahh, this person has thicker wrists than he does? For fucks sakes – she might even have a bigger wang too!

Turns out this tranny named Nina Arsenault is actually quite famous.

A few articles are linked below regarding Mr. – ahh, or is it Ms. Arsenault?



Tommy Lee was left red-faced when he discovered the stunning girl he was flirting with was a transsexual. The rocker had reportedly asked sexy Nina Arsenault to sit on his knee while he was partying at Toronto’s swanky Ultra Supper Club. According to the New York Post, the pair were drinking Tequila and getting friendly when one of Lee’s employees told him his companion wasn’t all woman.

Nina said: "That’s when he took a good, long look at me."

The star – who was previously married to former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson – is said to have announced he needed cigarettes and fled the table. Earlier this month, it was claimed the Motley Crue drummer was dating a porn star. Lee was said to be romancing 20-year-old Stefani Morgan, who is contracted to US porn giants Vivid Video. The pair met at an Adult Video News Awards after-party at Las Vegas’ lavish Venetian hotel.

A friend of Morgan’s told the New York Post: "They’ve been seeing a lot of each other." Tommy, who has previously been linked with porn superstar Jenna Jameson, has not confirmed whether he is dating Morgan.

Thinkin’ back a few weeks ago, wasn’t Steven Adler and Tommy Lee big buddies a few years back? Things that make you go hmmmmm?

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