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Riki Rachtman calls out Jani Lane & Mark Slaughter!

Riki Rachtman calls out Jani Lane & Mark Slaughter!


That’s Mr. Cathouse to you buddy!

It seems that there was suppose to be a Jani Lane & Mark Slaughter presents…The Cathouse in Las Vegas. The show scheduled at the Empire Ballroom caught the ear of a certain owner of the World Famous Cathouse brand name, trademark & likeness.  To say Riki was annoyed is an understatement.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that 99.9% of the rock n’ roll, heavy metal, hard rock, glam rock, sleaze rock, goth rock, biker rock, tattoo rock, stripper, and porn star planet knows Riki owns and operates the Cathouse name. 

Mr. Riki Rachtman responded below.

Mark Slaughter and Jani Lane have about as much to do with the Cathouse as I do opening up a hip hop club. It is a complete insult to me and the brand. I worked my ass off to get the Cathouse name out there. IF Taime would have opened a club called the Cathouse or Slash or LA Guns for that matter it at least fits I know Taime would have asked. but Jani and Mark..In the old days I was in 2 fights over the Cathouse name. 1st one at the Palace I broke someones nose. 2nd I had my head cracked open. What do they both have in common a little jail time and thousands of dollars. Especially after losing a radio job due to my physical…"outbreaks", I believe I am wiser besides my bones are more brittle. So now I had no other choice then to solve the situation legally. I have the best attorneys including one in San Fransisco and Las Vegas. I pay them to represent the Cathouse brand. VH1 will be releasing a pilot and hopefully a series on incidents at the Cathouse and chronicles the beginning. Cathouse shirts have been a great business for me especially on websites like Metal Sludge. Last year my plans to purchase a bar in Hollywood and open a club in Las Vegas When the Hollywood deal went south I focused on Las Vegas which I hope to make a reality before this summer. Now 2 gentleman..Im sorry complete fuckface dicks have tried to cash in on my brand….Mark S- laughter never even went to the club. Jani hmmm last time I saw him he was getting bitchslapped by one of my bros at Bordello….Never thought they would get so low especially because I have always been very cordial with both of them….Mark, Jani, You suck and your doors will NOT open under the Cathouse name.

Dude, next time let it go, loosen up a bit and tell us how your really feel!

Well in all fairness it might be safe to say that Jani & Mark did not mastermind this idea, but who knows.

Anyone wanna step forward with the other sides story?

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