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Robbie Crane X-Adler’s Appetite & Ratt Bassist checks in.

Robbie Crane X-Adler’s Appetite & Ratt Bassist checks in.


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Mr. Robbie Crane has checked in.

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From: Crane, Robbie
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2006 1:46 PM
Subject: Please Post Me!!

I’m sorry to hear the tour didn’t work out as planned for Chip, Michael, Armando and Rikk, they are all friends and great guys. Thankfully they made it home safe. I think now everyone understands what the Adler’s Appetite partners (Keri, Jizzy and I) went through on a daily basis over the past 3 years and why we weren’t willing to fully commit to A.A. We were constantly having to physically strong arm and threaten Steven when he tried to "hang out" with his junkie buddies to keep him from going off the deep end. We as a group (Keri, Jizzy, Craig, Thomas, Armando, Rikk and I) worked day and night when touring with Steven to keep him away from situations and people like this. It wasn’t easy but we did it. When he did fuck up, (and he did fuck up) we would hide it from the public as best we could so people wouldn’t judge him. I only hope he finds his way clear of this and gets the help he needs. 

Robbie Crane

PS. in response to Steven’s 20 questions # 1. There was never any money issue between Steven and the band. Steven doesn’t have access to any of the GN’R money that he receives. His estate controls it, and his involvement and access are very limited. So, through the course of each tour he was broke and would ask for and receive cash advances from the tour money we received. By tours end he would be in the hole and owe the band money. Then, when he did get home he would sit on his couch, get high as a kite and wonder where all of the money went. Thankfully, Craig made him sign for every dime he received, PAID IN FULL!!  And NO, at the end we didn’t respect Steven. After going through this kind of shit for 3 years respect wasn’t what he deserved, not from us. Hope you make it home safe Steven.

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