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David Lee Roth radio gig turning into drama!

David Lee Roth radio gig turning into drama!


Gold Dust meets the Crip Keeper?

Let’s take a look and see what ol’ Dave has to offer.

Spray on white hair in a can, tanning cream (apply evenly), 7/11 sun glasses, a gold dust starter kit halloween costume and a baby camel toe that would make any girl vomit!

David Lee Hairless has been a mess for years. He was God during the Van Halen years and his "early" solo career was worth a fuck. However he has outdone himself too many times with his stupid "look at all the people here tonight" shit. You can only bullshit your way through a set so many times Dave. Now the non rock n’ roll world is supposed to be fooled by Mr. hot dog and a shake?

The site www.postchronicle.com has issued the following report from Mitch Marconi:

DAVID LEE ROTH’s welcome at the radio staion formerly known as K-Rock has just about worn itself out. Lloyd Grove notes that Roth’s antics are said to have become "an outrage to some at station 92.3 Free FM." Lloyd Grove gives us the Lowdown: "Looks like rock-star-turned-shock-jock David Lee Roth is having an ugly launch as Howard Stern’s successor, with radio station staffers grumbling about Roth’s allegedly bad behavior. My sources at 92.3 Free FM – formerly K-Rock – tell me that the former VAN HALEN frontman and his manager, Matt Sencio, "are totally out of control and out of their league when it comes to producing a radio show," as one disgruntled employee put it. "This guy [Roth] is impossible to work with. A real arrogant, self-righteous a-," says a Lowdown spy. "All the execs know they made the two biggest errors in radio history – letting Stern go to Sirius and hiring this moron Roth. He never preps for a show. He is out the door five minutes after the show, unless he is ‘forced’ to record a commercial or re-record ones he made errors on."

Looks like it ain’t happenin’. Howard Stern must be laughing his ass off.

Maybe if the radio gig doesn’t work out Dave can do TV next. We heard they might be looking for a new host for the Tales from the Crypt Show?

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