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Guns n’ Roses & L.A. Guns having a war of words within!

Guns n’ Roses & LA Guns having a war of words!


Our logo is better than yours! No it’s not, we have guns. We do too!

Well we have roses. But we have skulls.

We recently did a 20 Questions with original LA Guns frontman
Paul Black. That stirred the pot a bit over in the LA Guns camp. We also recently interviewed Mr. Brownstone himself, Steven Adler, which has stirred the pot, the toilet bowl, the fish tank, and the syringe cap too.

Well it’s only January and this year is filling up with Sludge at a record pace.

Now there are some excerpts from an interview Tracii Guns did with the UK based Classic Rock Magazine showing up on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip boards.

All this combined has brought an LA Guns & Guns n’ Roses turmoil, feud, and brawl within the brawl to a whole new Sludge level. This shit puts the standard Jani Lane gossip to shame. Adler makes Lane look like monkey shine on the Junior Mints level.

I have to say, if someone named Stillbourne was still hanging around, his head would fucking explode from this shit. I think he use to referance this type of shit as a Sludge goldmine – and that it is. The old days would have the "staff" literally pissing our pants exchanging comments about the fallen heroes of hair metal. Let’s pull up a shovel and see what kind of Sludge we can dig up.

For starters, Phil Lewis has made a few comments about Paul Black.

Web post

January 17, 2006
Just for the record, I’d like to point out that I was in LAG for almost a year before we were signed to Pollygram, I didn’t just show up a few days before we recorded the first record and replace Paul while he was busy in the bathroom, I remember the band and all people involved with the band hated Paul and it was expected that I would too, I didn’t. But I don’t feel a bit sorry for him either, The band with him could not get a record deal and seemed were at best going to be a good local Hollywood act. That all changed after I joined, We got our deal, sold a million records and went around the world and then when we got back we gave Paul alot of money, Then he formed a band to try and compete with LAG which failed and now decades later nothings changed, people are still whining and accusing us of ripping him off .

Fact is if I hadn’t replaced him the band would have gone nowhere and he would never recived a dime from LAGuns, Seems that the only people who are intrested in this is LAG fans so I can’t understand why things are getting hostile.

Honestly I couldn’t care less, None of the "Original" guys were ever fired and chose to leave , What makes them all so mad is that we always carry on, defeat the odds and make great music and thats what being true to your band is all about. next subject.

Quotes from Phil Lewis

And the following is from Classic Rock & is Tracii Guns talking about Axl Rose.

"He cant feel good about himself right now. Slash and Duff are out there kicking ass. Even I’m kicking ass compared to him. The studio we built is six blocks away from where he lives. I actually sent him a email before i decided to do the Brides saying "Hey man I have a year off, if you need a guitar player to help tour or help finish the record I’ll do it" His assistant emailed back saying "Oh that gave Axl a great laugh"  T. Guns

What an asshole. I just wanted to help. I’ve played with some big rock stars and they’ve always been super cool. Nikki is super cool. Jerry Only from the Misfits is super cool. Lemmy is super cool."  T. Guns

This interview was obviously conducted a while ago and by the time it came out the Brides were calling it a day. Here are a couple other quotes from the interview courtesy of our World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board.

"The easiest thing to do would have been to play in someone else’s band – but I’ve never been that guy."  T. Guns

(Cough-Quiet Riot-Cough!)

"I really put my heart into the Brides and I’m not prepared to give that up.

The band’s just too good." T. Guns

Do you think Brides of Destruction will follow in the footsteps of other people like Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver to success? Classic Rock Magazine

"Yeah, I think we will." T. Guns

"I detest Steve Riley. If he was on fire in the street I’d smoke a fuckin’

cigarette and flick it at him." T. Guns

Then we get some ‘amateur insider" who tries to peddle some weak ass shit to the Sludge with the following e-mail.

—– Original Message —–
From: I’m a moron!
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 4:11 PM
Subject: This is some under the table shit

Here the story…..
    I work in the music biz and an exec in LA’s husband knows Traci and tried out for the bass gig for Quiet Riot.  He is a friend of Traci and was expected to possibly get the gig.  All of a sudden Traci is out of Quiet Riot and dude doesn’t get the bass player gig.  Here is the word on the street.  Traci gets a call from Axl and is getting things under way as the guitar player for GN’R.  Don’t know if you heard if from me first but as far as I know this is from a very reliable source.
~Mr. Brownstone.

Dear Mr. Brown-nose,

Your source is about as reliable as Jani Lane on 45 date US tour.

Thank you, Metal Sludge

After a brief exchange with the "Industry source know-it-all" we shot a quick

e-mail off to ol’ T. Guns. Here was instant reply.

—– Original Message —–

From: "Tracii Guns"
To: "Metal Sludge" <metalsludge@metalsludge.tv>
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 5:03 PM
Subject: Re: what up?

Axl never called me,,,,,,,,, that classic rock thing is great,,,,,,,, as far as what I am doin,,,,, I am gonna go play the hits as the tg trio,,,, make some more records with Mike Varney,,,,, and have fun,,,, I am 40,,,, no more drama,,,,,, hahahahahahaha,,

This is actually like a couple of bands having a flyer war on the Sunset Strip. It’s like the Pair-A-Dice name and trademark fight with Paradise. It’s like Rock City News fighting with LA Rock Review and then Hollywood Rocks.

It’s like the Firemans Ball becoming the Policemans Ball.  It’s like the people who go to Paladinos and somehow seem confused thinking that Paladinos was actually in North Hollywood and not in Tarzana? That’s becuase that was the Palamino! Not Paladinos. 

Okay, so it’s getting confusing we know. Let’s all regroup now.

Metal Sludge

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