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Steven Adler checks in from an Internet cafe in Holland?

Steven Adler checks in from an Internet cafe in Holland?


Steven with a fan in Europe.

As the Sludge turns…

– Original Message —–


To: metalsludge@metalsludge.tv

Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 7:43 AM
Subject: Message From Steven Adler


Below is a message Steven Adler asked me to pass on.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  My contact info is below.

Many thanks.

Cheers, this is Steven Adler, the real Steven Adler. I’m sitting in an internet coffee house in Holland with the biggest smile on my face, reading how loved I am by so many people who give a fuck about my life.  I thank you for the smile and always being right there by my side whenever I needed you.


I’ve had to reorganise my tour, & I’m starting in Italy Friday night (January 27) for a gig near Venice, with a new band. I’ve decided to take on a support act, Adam Bomb from New York, for my tour. Adam does a kick ass rock show and he’s a great entertainer. I like the way he handles his business.


I apoligise to the German people for the 2 cancelled shows. The promotion company of Commercial Suicide Booking that put on the German leg of my tour was too suicidal and they lived up to their name. After the gig at Bochum, the promoter got physical with me, forced me to pay for his cancellation fee for the gig that he cancelled the day before. The reason the gig was cancelled was because his production team couldn’t do their job that was in our contract to get to get the band to the gig on time. After not paying me after my show which went quite well, the promoter took

me for everything I had in my pocket. Then he told me the show was cancelled in Hamburg.


And to Chassy & Michael, and especially JT & my brother Chip Z, I sorry things didn’t work out as planned. I just got to got to try a new thing. Nothing personal, love you, God Bless.


Oh yeah, & one more thing, umm, uh, what’s that word? What, what? Oh yeah, fuck ‘ú all.


Steven Adler 



Isn’t this a country where you can buy everything just shy of a speed ball with a casket included? Oh no!

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