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The Finale of Steven Adler X-Gn’R drummer’s 20?s

The Finale of Steven Adler X-Gn’R drummer’s 20?s


Steven, Slash, Axl, Izzy & Duff. E.P. early days.

Well, we have seen all the pictures, and read the first parts of Steven’s interview. So, now let’s get the "finale" out of the way. Better sooner than leter, since the band has now un-officially broke up, disbanded, quit, got fired or whatever the case may be.

It unfortunately seems as if though Steven’s ugly addicitions just may have reared their ugly head only a week into a 8 week tour.

It’s also come to our attention that Steven was "un-happy" with the content of his interview. What can we say, but as painful as it was to read for some, it has been transcribed in great detail. All the umms, stuttering, and pauses to give you an idea of exactly what was said. Now Steven says we’re talking bad about him. Here is more on that right here.

Let’s let Steven be heard again, continued from Part II, and of course Part I

MS: And they all had their fights as well, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry.


SA: Exactly. Yes, and what do you do when you have a little fight? Hey, you go out and make a solo record, and then you get back together again. You know shit happens, but, I never did nothing to Axl. Axl thinks I gave; this is why I hate Andy McCoy’s fucking wife. Okay, Andy McCoy’s wife gave Erin Everly all these fucking pills, these KLONOPINs and these CLONIDINEs, because Axl got

in a fight with her. She told Axl, I gave her heroin. I ‘m the one who called the ambulance cause they brought her over to my house.

MS: Erin you mean?

SA: Yeah, Andy McCoy’s wife. Me and Andy were in my studio in my backyard, we were writing songs okay. And his wife, cause he lived up the hill from me,

in Laurel Canyon. So, fucking the wife comes down with Erin, she’s all, she can’t stand up barely, she’s all blah, blah, blah.  And I said: “What the fuck did you give her?” She said: “Well Axl got in a fight and beat her up. So she came over and I gave her all these KLONOPINs and shit.” 

MS: Did you say Axl beat her up?

SA: Yeah, cause this was Axl’s girlfriend, or wife at the time.

MS: Erin was.

SA: Yeah.

MS: And then Andy McCoys wife gave her what kind of pills?



MS: What are they called?

SA: KLONOPINs and CLONIDINEs. And they’re MAJOR downers.  She’s all fucked up, And I’m going; “What’s wrong with her?” And she’s: “Blah, blah, blah, I gave her all these pills.” I’m the one who carried her, and put her in my bed. And called the ambulance and saved her life. The whole time this bitch is telling me to; “Give her some heroin, give her some heroin.” And I’m all; “Fuck you bitch!” I’m not giving her fucking heroin. For one, I only have a little bit left, and if you’ve ever been a heroin addict, you ain’t giving your last bit away. Two, this was Axl’s fucking girl. 

(Editors Note: Notice the priority order of Steven’s #1 & #2 above. Not funny, but kind of – as long as everyone is still alive.)

MS: Right.

SA: And you never fuck, with your fucking, your band mates. Your mates woman.  Okay. And I would never do that to anybody in the first place. I called the ambulance and saved her, this bitch tells Axl I gave her heroin.  He calls me up and says he’s coming over with a shotgun to kill me.

MS: With a shotgun to kill you?

SA: Yeah. But he never did anything. So that, I mean, I never did anything to Axl. Axl didn’t do anything to me, for me to hate him, I mean, I’ve been disappointed in him when we would do shows, and he would just, just leave the stage after the first song, or in the middle of the first song – because that’s not right. I play for our fans, and I play for people because, I enjoy making people happy, It makes me happy. These people fucking work for months to save up enough money…

MS: To buy that ticket, and buy a t-shirt.

SA: And come to see us play, and he comes out there and, that disappointed me. And I would say something to him, and he would usually just laugh back

at me. I didn’t do nothing to him, would never do nothing to him, he didn’t do nothing to me, Slash, Duff, Izzy, I love those guys. We all loved each other.

And I don’t know five guys who actually really honestly, and I believe this in

my heart, because I know this, like with Robbie, and Keri, and Brent, and that other guy, I don’t remember his name but….

MS: Craig (Bradford)?

SA: No not Craig, somebody else. I don’t know, he would come out and try and sing sometimes. But I don’t remember his name, fuck him, it doesn’t matter.

MS: Joe LeSte?

SA: It doesn’t matter. No, Joe Leste is fucking great…Umm…I’m talking about Jizzy, but I don’t wanna…

MS: Oh, okay, we see what you’re saying here.

SA: So ya, Robbie, and fucking Keri, and Brent and that guy I can’t remember his name who use to sing. I had their backs. They didn’t, if I needed my back taken care of at anytime God forbid, I, there is no way in hell I could’ve counted on them. Dude, Slash, Duff, Axl and Izzy, and myself, we had each others backs, if somebody would say one bad thing about us, and that persons ass was beat. You do not talk about my, this band, Axl, Slash, uhh, we had each other’s honest back.


MS: When is the last time you talked to anyone from the original band?

SA: I talked to Izzy, he might even come to the show tonight. God, Jesus, it would be fabulous. But it was really when I played with them over at the Key Club off Sunset about a year or so ago. But I talked to Izzy a couple months back.

MS: You played with Izzy at the Key Club?

SA: I played with Izzy and Slash, they came and played with my band yeah.

Last time you cried = God, I haven’t cried in so long. I wanna cry so bad dude, you have no idea. I haven’t cried in so long, I know whenever I think of Freddie Mercury from Queen that will make me cry. But then, oh man I’ve needed a good cry so bad for so long, you know it clears you out. You know, it cleans

you out and oh man, I could, too long, too long baby, too long.

Last fast food you ate = Shit, my boys just took me to MacDonalds.


Last check you saw for over 50 grand = Ahh, two hundred twenty five

thousand dollars. ($ 225,000.00)

MS: How long ago was that?

SA: Mmm, about eight months ago.

Last 80s band you saw live in concert = Fucking Stryper, and they were awesome. Robert Sweet kicks ass. He looks great, man he rocks, it was

Stryper in Vegas.

Last time you signed an autograph = About an hour ago!


Last rock star you shook hands with = umm, shit I think Paul Stanley over

at the airport, at
Las Vegas airport.

Last time you felt you might die = I might, umm when we were leaving, it was about a month ago when I was in Argentina, and I was trying to leave the theatre through the front door, and there was about like 500-600 kids waiting for me to come out. And the first 3 attempts, I made it about 3-4 feet, I couldn’t do it.  And then the fourth one, we just said fuck it, and these two big security guards were holding me, carrying me through the crowd, and I had

the biggest smile on my face, dude, I’m so relaxed and comfortable when I’m working.  I had this big smile on my face, and I looked at the security guard

and said: “You know we’re gonna die right now, don’t you?”

MS: (laughing)

SA: I’ve never been so touched in my whole life, it was just so wonderful, and I’m thinking, if I had to go, you know what, if you gotta die, this is a God damn cool way to die.

MS: At the hands of your fans?

SA: At the hands of your fans. But I mean, I was smiling, laughing, and it was painful but not in a bad way. But I looked at that security guard, and he had this scared look on his face, and he’s a big guy. And I said: “Dude, you know we’re gonna die right now!” It was great.

Last time you did drugs = Ahh, I’m smoking a joint Right this minute. Hold on; let me take a hit for you.

MS: Okay.

SA: But, I don’t think marijuana is a drug. Cigarettes are a drug. And

marijuana isn’t.

MS: Okay, besides cigarettes, or marijuana, when is the last time you did,

a hard drug for real?

SA: Umm, I smoked a little rock about 2 months ago.

MS: Okay.

SA: God it tastes so good.

MS: It does?

SA: Fuck yeah!

MS: What does it do?

SA: It makes your cock fucking hard! And you get so fucking horny, and you have the best fucking orgasms that you could God forsaken believe. Believe me, there is a reason for somebody to do something like that.


MS: Now we’re pretty much done with the interview, but we’ve heard the stories, that you’d suck someone’s cock for drugs. Was that in your book,

or in an interview?

SA:  That’s not in my book.

MS: Did you say it in an interview?

SA: No, okay.  When I was 12, 13 years old, I grew up in Hollywood, off

Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax.

MS: Right.

(Note: To our readers not familiar with this area, this intersection is pretty much in the heart of West Hollywood. Also known as “boys town” and is the central district for the gay and lesbian community of Los Angeles. It is not uncommon to see grown men walking hand in hand and kissing in public with male prostitutes on many of the street corners.)

SA: Okay, Santa Monica Boulevard is a gay neighborhood.

MS: Right.

SA: Where people, pick up, where guys will pick up guys.

MS: Right.

SA:  So, you know Slash, I lived on Hayworth, North Hayworth, and Slash lived on Sweetzer. So there was a couple times I’d walk down the street and I got a blow job from some guy. I was thirteen years old, I use to walk around with a fucking hard-on, and you know 24 hours a day. And I, was, you know you’re a teenager, and you’re not getting girls doing it. And so I was partying with somebody, and I got a blow job. I was thirteen years old, I was, WHAT! I’m

the only one?

(Steven now becomes a little bit defensive)

MS: No, but we’re just asking because you’ve been pretty open about it?

SA: No, I know, but for the people reading this, that, if, people say, oh well that never happened to me or I never thought that, or blah, blah, blah, you know they’re fucking full of SHIT! Cause I’m not the only person who ever walked down the street and smoked a joint at 12, 13 years old, smoked a joint with someone and all of a sudden I’m getting a blow job from the guy. Okay, it’s not something I was looking for, it just happened – I was a teenager growing up. There’s nothing wrong with it. You know, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s ever had that happen to.


MS: So when you do drugs, like rock, you say that it makes you horny?

SA: Yeah, well it makes, the first, it hits you, and then goes right to your balls and cock dude. Good stuff, good stuff. But, but if you’re by yourself, you’re doing a lot of jacking off. So, its best being with a chick that wants to party

too with you, cause than you can do the fuckin’.  Because you jack off too much, and it’s just not good you know.

(Note: Jacking off is not good? How about the smoking of crack? We’re guessing that might be a little bit worse than the J/O part. But who are

we to judge, let’s move along, shall we?)

MS: This wasn’t going to be one of the questions, but since you’ve been

so open…

SA: Come on dude, be real, I’m not, I’m a realistic person. This is nothing I made up, I mean, or came up with, I didn’t invent this shit. I mean, if I’m

doing it, and the ten million people who do this shit too, what and they’re

not doing it?

MS: So, you obviously love woman but you’re kind of admitting…


SA: I love woman. Dude, I was 13 years old, I couldn’t get a woman to

suck my dick.

MS: But you said during this interview, that somebody sucked a good cock,

are you being serious or joking?

SA: Oh, I was just joking. You guys, I said, Rikki Rocket, I was just joking.

I know Rikki, This is just a joke.

MS: Let’s ask this. Did you ever meet a man, that you were with, that you thought you’d like to do something with him, or said to yourself; I’m turned

on, or we’re both smoking crack together, so let’s suck each other off?"

SA: (pauses) You know, not in, not in a lot of years. You know, not, (pauses) like the young teens, you know what, no, but, in the younger teenage years I was all; “yeah I wouldn’t mind if this guy sucked my cock!”

MS: Right.

SA: You know, but now you know, I, I love the girls, I love the pussy, I hate woman, I hate girls, as long as their mouth has a cock in it, or it’s taped up

with a pair of panties in it.

MS: (Everyone’s laughing)

SA: Because they just talk too much! But there is nothing in the world like a beautiful sweet pussy, and a nice ass. There just isn’t.  And you know I’m 40 years old, (pauses) fucking isn’t the most important thing to me anymore.

Rock n’ roll is. You know, it’s just, it’s just not.

Last time you visited metal sludge = I don’t visit it that much. I just heard that, that guy, umm, what’s his name? I don’t know, I guess he sang with some band or something like that? Was saying some kind of shit or something, some people told me.

MS: The guy that use to sing with you, and you forgot his name?

SA: I don’t remember his name. I did some shows with him, and one night at the Underworld in London I was throwing a drum stick out in the audience.

And this guy, he stuck his big head out, and I nailed him right in the fucking forehead.

MS: (more laughing)

SA: I mean I didn’t do it on purpose, but when I did it I thought it was really funny after I did it, but anyways, we’re talking about Metal Sludge.


MS: Okay, so we’re at the end, is there any parting words you have for your fans?

SA: I am so appreciative, so thankful, and it’s just so wonderful to see all our fans out there singing the songs, enjoying the songs, and I love more than anything playing them for you.  And I know you’re all going to enjoy my new band, and it’s the closest thing, to umm, to the, my old boys songs, the Gn’R songs, that you’re going to hear until the five of us do get back together. I’m having a blast playing for everybody and thank you all for coming out and

being a part of it with me, and being there for me. I love you all.

MS: Okay, I think we’re about done.

SA: And don’t forget to put in all kinds of shit Ididn’t say, like fuck everybody.

MS: Steven, listen, it’s all on tape, and we’re only putting up what you said.

SA: And also, one more thing, for all my fans out there. I’m so looking forward to having our new singer Chassis (Sheldon Tarsha – his 20 Questions are coming soon) coming out. I think you’re all going to be very excited and very pleased, and you’re going to all be falling in love. And he’s young, so he can

do a lot of you in one night.

SA: Thank you very much!

We have to say thank you and send a big shout out to Steven for being such an honest an open interview. He really didn’t pull any punches, but we’re thinking he might need a donkey punch in the head as well.

Steven, we really hope you get your situation sorted out before it’s too late!

Alrighty then. Anybody wanna go to West Hollywood?

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