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Axl Rose & Izzy in Hollywood Rose video from 1984

Axl Rose & Izzy in Hollywood Rose backyard video shoot!


Axl & Izzy  –  Hell Revisited? With Axl  –  you don’t say!


If you like the flyers, wait till you see the fuggin’ video!

Updated: Due to the fact that the staff was uploading this at 4:AM and the video address itself has Slash as part of the title, we inadvertantly used Slash’s name when we meant to put Izzy. Please forgive us for this horrible error. We hope to never offend or mislead our readers, but sometimes shit happens!

Thank you, On drugs, drunk & uneducated

Here is a super rare look at Axl & Izzy in a very early version of Hollywood Rose. Looks like a backyard video shoot. Axl even stands off to the side and when coming back into frame he bumps a backyard bush or small tree.

He also dances like a complete jackass and shakes his head like he’s having a temper tantrum.

For GnR fans this is a must see, for others it’ll be a laugh and a half.


Also a look at some early shows, flyers, their lineups and more. All from 1984.


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