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Size Queen of the Stars returns with more cock

Size Queen to the Stars returns with more cock & ass!


Static Beth, a dildo and some whack website in the distance!

Back in the summer of 2003 we featured a Sludgette named Static Beth, who openly admits to loving cock, big cock, but hates the smell of pee.

"I was once with someone who’s pubes smelled like pee, PUKE!" …Static Beth

She recently posted the following on our World Famous Ho-Board.

StaticBeth.com has been updated with a new bounty and a new ass pic!

Check it out @ http://www.staticbeth.com 

Or visit:

Love and Twinkies,

Static Beth

Beth seems to be making quite a name for herself. Here is a quote from a very famous groupie, a list of some national press and her request for new submissions. Are you man enough, err, or big enough?

"Hi doll, LOOOVE your site! And I don’t think Brad’s too bad…"

Love, Pamela [Des Barres]

Porn Valley News.comAugust 2005, interviewed by Ray

Sleazegrinder.com June 2005, interviewed by V

Maxim MagazineOctober 2004 Issue

Bazaar Magazine -  January 2004 Issue

Classic Rock Magazine - September 2003 Issue

LOOKING FOR NEW SUBMISSIONS!!!  You can submit pictures anonymously

or I can credit your name.  I also accept pictures from

I guess it’s safe to say, that the Internet is a great place.

Where else can you read about rock stars. their cocks, download their music

for free, stalk them thru e-mail and flirt with some unsigned rock pig half way around the planet! All from the comfort of your own bedroom naked or while taking a shit with your laptop!

Metal Sludge

Chicks, Dicks & Guitar Picks!


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