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Copy Cathouse w/ Iron Maiden tribute Live After Death

Copy Cathouse with Iron Maiden tribute Live After Death


Live After Death – Gigs in January 2006 are booked!


1. Plug your shit, your band, website and your swag too?

(Bobby)Live After Death was started in 1997 by a guy named Lou, who is no longer with us, with the idea of just playing the entire Iron Maiden Live After Death album

for fun.  Slowly more shows came along, then traveling started and suddenly we’re coming up on our eighth anniversary and have played shows from
Virginia to Massachussettes and toured Puerto Rico
three times. Our current lineup is Scott Oliva/vocals; Greg Polcari/guitar; Nick Trotti/guitar; Rob Zeolla/bass; and Bobby Riegger/drums  

Our website is
www.liveafterdeath.com where you can check out video, audio, and pics, and we can be reached at liveafterdeath@optonline.net.  We believe we are the best sounding Maiden band out there.  Our singer is dead on
Dickinson.  Rob our bassist has Steve Harris fingers and takes no shortcuts. Greg and Nick on guitar never fail to impress the Maiden fans with their solos and guitar harmonies.  I’m not so bad on the drums.  You haven’t tested yourself until you’ve played 25+ plus Maiden songs in one long, sweaty set.

We have made shirts over the years and have made CDs and DVDs, but we don’t sell them.  Wouldn’t Rod Smallwood sue us?  Go buy the new Maiden DVDs “Early Days” and “Death on the Road” and worship the real thing. We are only the second best Iron Maiden show.


2. When did you start playing your instrument, and have you ever done any original projects?

(Scott) I play a little guitar, but have been singing for 20 something years.  I have recorded with a bunch of progressive metal type bands and am currently recording with a band called Windwraith.  We have a second CD coming out somewhere in Europe.  www.windwraith.com 

(Bobby)I started playing at around 13 which means I’ve been wallowing in obscurity for over 20 years now.  There are some interesting originals at www.myspace.com/buttcrust though.  The Crust is a must!

3. If you had to pay tribute to someone else besides Iron Maiden, who would it be and why?

(Scott) I don’t know how popular they’d be, but a Kansas tribute would be cool.  Steve Walsh is a huge influence and Fishbone – why can’t a skinny white guy do a ska, reggae, funk thing?

(Bobby)It would have to be a band that no one has already paid tribute to.  I think there are only two left, so I would choose between Tuff and Fastway.  Actually, I’d love to do a Queensryche tribute.  

4. Name the 3 highest points & the 3 lowest points for Live after Death:

Highs: (Scott) Playing at The Vanderbilt on Long Island; there were estimates of between 1500-2000 people.

(Bobby) Our 3 trips to Puerto Rico and playing BB Kings in Times Square, and being introduced by Eddie Trunk (LEGENDARY NY METAL DJ),Plus, gracing the pages of the Metal Sludge website is definitely a highlight.  We all love the site.  I will take a picture of my computer screen and cherish it forever.

Lows: (Scott) We drove 5 hours up to Utica for what was supposed to be a Metal Fest and turned out to be an empty bar and five guys.  The promoter guy was apologizing up and down and said, “Guys just let me know what I can do to make it up to you.”  So, I said how about a beer? “Sorry, bro I can’t help ya.”

(Bobby) Starting a set at a bowling alley on Eastern Long Island at , the stage was actually on the lanes.  What was left of the crowd was actually sitting in those cheesy upholstered alley chairs at the scoring tables. 


5. Who has the biggest cock in the band and who has the smallest?

(Chicks wanna know including our own Queen Donna Anderson)

(Bobby)The three guys not taking part in this interview all have embarrassingly small genitals, while I need two drum thrones behind my drum set – one to sit on and another to rest my giant mule on.

(Scott) Yeah, I’m huge,too


Actually guys we’re betting that this mascot

Sponge is probably hung bigger than the whole band!

6. Pick your Poison:

Warrant or Firehouse =

(Bobby) WARRANT because I have a body resembling Jani Lane’s on Celebrity Fit Club. Their third album was actually their best, I thought. 

(Scott)WARRANT – Jani Lane had a pretty cool voice and Uncle Tom’s Cabin was kinda heavy.

Bruce Dickinson or Paul D’ianno =

(Bobby) Dickinson – the best frontman in Heavy Metal History

(Scott) Dickinson – His voice is still incredible. Dianno was cool, too

Piece of Mind or Number of the Beast =

(Bobby) PIECE OF MIND.  I can remember being 12 and looking at the lyrics to “To Tame a Land” while eating Fruit Loops for breakfast and wondering what they hell they were talking about.

(Scott) THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST – The first Maiden album I ever bought The

cover is cooler,too. I actually first bought it just for the cover  

Glam or Goth =

(Bobby) GLAM – because the girls are hotter.

(Scott) Goth – because those girls he’s talking about are actually guys

Beer drinkin’ or Bitch Slappin’ =


(Scott) Bitch slappin


7. What is your favorite and least favorite Iron Maiden songs to play live and why?

(Bobby)Least Fav’s : Wrathchild, Trooper,– They are just so played out, yet they are the songs people always yell for.  No one ever yells out “Where Eagles Dare”, which I love. I also like “Killers”

(Scott) Icarus and Run to the Hills have become least favs because we play them every show and it gets repetitive.  I love new songs like Paschendale, 666 is still a great song, Children of the Damned has some real singing on it.

8. What was the biggest crowd, and the biggest pay check Live After Death ever played for?

(Scott) Biggest crowds were about 1100-1200 people at The Hard Rock Café in San Juan, PR in March 2003 and maybe 1500 at The Vanderbilt on Long Island in February 2003.  That was our two month peak I guess.

(Bobby) Strangely we were paid 1200.OO dollars for a show in Massachusettes in 2001 that was one of our lowest attended. I remember the bar didn’t make enough from that night’s receipts to pay us and I had to go into some back storeroom with the owner and bouncers where they literally had a safe behind a picture and he counted out the rest for me.  I thought he and the bouncers were going to do me and Scott ‘Joe Pesci -Casino style’ and bury us in a field. Anyway, we had a booking agent at the time and she told us a contract was a contract (note to those interested: We come cheaper now)

9. Has any member, Ex. member, hired gun, roadie, old or new from the band Iron Maiden ever attended one of your shows? Or better yet, got up and jammed with Live After Death?

(Bobby) No, but an old bass player of ours is a roadie for King’s X, who once toured with Dream Theater, who just did shows with Maiden in Europe, so we’re practically on a first name basis with Steve Harris and the boys.

10. The Last of Live After Death..

Last time you guys blew up a PA system =

(Scott)I don’t think we blew it up but some slamdancer/mosh types landed on one

and blew it up at a show on Long Island at a now closed pit called The King’s Club. We played 3 songs and got paid for a full show.

Last time you drove more than 5 hours for a gig =

(Bobby)To Jaxx in West
Springfiled, Va.
  Cool place, great owner

Last time you saw Iron Maiden live in concert =


(Scott)Give Me Ed tour at Jones Beach Amphitheater Summer 2003 and soon to be

at Ozzfest in
New Jersey.

Last meal you ate as a band on the road =

ROCK Café in SAN JUAN.  (Bobby) We only eat together when its free. I recommend the Oriental Chicken salad if you’re ever there.

(Scott) Did we? I thought it was sometime in 1997.

Last new Iron Maiden song you learned =

(Scott)PASCHENDALE from the DANCE of Death album. Although Nick, Rob and

Greg would probably say I still haven’t. 

Thanks a lot to Metal Sludge.  This was awesome.







Lead Singer of Live After Death doing his best Bruce! 

Visit the guys on Myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/liveafterdeathny   

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The questions were answered by Live After Death singer Scott Oliva and drummer Bobby Riegger. 

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