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20 Questions with Gemini Five bassist Hot Rod!

20 Questions with Gemini Five Bassist Hot Rod!


Hot Rod bassist of Gemini Five.

Well kids here you go. Back to the Sludge grind for 2006 with 20 Questions.

To say that Hot Rod is a little cocky would be an understatement. He definitely has some ‘tude, but that’s okay cause this is rock n’ roll folks.

We’re guessing that it was fitting that he was also in Beautiful Creatures for about 10 minutes. That band breeds a level of arogance like no other. If they had sold more units of their major label bragfest, it might be acceptable. But they didn’t. And neither did Gemini Five. But we’ll give them a little time.

Here you go, enjoy.

1. This is your chance to plug your shit, your Cds, website, tours & swag?


 - We are about to release our second coming “Black:Anthem” in America  through Cleopatra Records during the first part of 2006. (No release date is set at this time I’m typing). Cleopatra also released our debut “Babylon Rockets” in America last summer, which got some really fantastic reviews overseas. We’re about to present our new video for the title track “Black:Anthem” in February, which of’ course will be up for download at our official site. Speaking of which, we have just gotten a new website address http://www.geminifive.com

We got so tired of people spelling our band’s name “Gemini 5”, (that’s including, YOU :-)  so we figured, lets change the URL so we can be the good example… At our official site You can find all our promotional videos, mp3’s, biography, tons of photos, reviews, buy merch and on and and on zzzzzzzzzzzz…. The usual shit BUT MUCH, MUCH more exciting. And in a very tasty way too :-)

We’ve been promoting “Black:Anthem” by touring Italy and Germany and of’course Sweden during the fall and winter. Black:Anthem was released in September 2nd 2005 in Sweden and Europe (even earlier in Japan, June 2005) and landed on the swedish selling charts at # 8. Kind of tricky promoting “Babylon Rockets” in The States and plugging “Black:Anthem” in Europe at the same time! Makes You a bit schizophrenic… Right now we’re gonna support our best finnish drinking buddies and great Finnish band “The 69Eyes” in Helsinki to a sold out arena, which is gonna be a blast since we have some pretty hardcore fans in Finland :-) Loads of more shows and tour(s) coming up. Stay tuned by visiting the website. England, Japan…?! Maybe Baby! You americans haft to wait a little bit more, but we will definately get our asses over the Atlantic sooner or later. Be sure we’re gonna sweep the floor with all so-called glam/sleazbands You have ever seen… 21st Century Rock is HERE >>> GO FIGURE FOR YOURSELF http://www.geminifive.com   http://www.geminifive.com/rod

2. You played rhythm guitar in Beautiful Creatures for about a month. What happened with that? How come so short, and in looking back are you glad you didn’t stick around to see it fall to shit.

Well, to make a short story long: Warner Bros. wasn’t too sure about having to deal with all the working permits and so on since they knew I was originally a bass player and they knew B.C. had not auditioned any american guitar players at all for the spot. The other guys in BC tried to convince the A&R Jeff Blue plus staff at Warner to keep me but the answer was that they wouldn’t deal with my lawer and working permit. End of their story. And mine. The VERY bad thing was that I got to know about this the very day before my visa expired. I packed my bags and stressed to the airport at the last minute not to become an illegal alien.

I’m actually very greatful for the 4 other guys taking me on for the opportunity to get the gig. I was treated as a full member from day one. The guys helped me financially and really gave me some great and fun times. I played 2 shows with BC in Hollywood. The first as headlining Taimes B-day Bash at the Dragonfly and the second and last show at The Playroom. This show was a huge showcase for the whole Warner Bros. staff all over the States.

Also we (BC) had showcases for the producers like Bob Rock and John Travis (Buckcherry)

Nick Launay (Silverchair) and among others. I mean, this was a very exciting time for me.

Of’course, I wud have liked to stay in the band longer and attend the OZZfest the summer after in 2001. As I said, Im very greatful for all the guys for giving me the chance in the first place.

You ask if Im glad “I didnt stick around to see it fall to shit”? Well, things happens for a reason.

To You they may have fallen to shit. To others they may still be The Shit. I can truely say that when I was in the band (I was in BC for only 6 weeks) Beautiful Creatures had the fucking ultimate line-up: Joe LeSte, DJ Ashba, Kenny Kweens, Anthony Focx on DRUMS and me on rhytm guitar. That was a GREAT band. If Warner Bros. wud know their shit better I’m totally convinced BC would be huge band still to this date. I wish all the guys the best of luck and I hope to see You all soon again.

I lived my dream in Hollywood. I went there, became a member of the hottest band at the time and got so much more appreciation which I wud only dream of in Sweden. And I did all this within 6 months. Beat that, suckers!!!

3. In your personal bio you admit to liking Jewel, ABBA, Avril Lavigne, and U2. Would you like to please give reasons as to why you would admit something so atrocious considering you’re claiming the band Gemini Five is NU-Sleaze?

First of all, we invented the genre “NU-Sleaze”, so it may involve just about anything WE fancy.

And I don’t find it a bit atrocious at all. Alright, here’s my reasons;

Jewel – Fucking sensual and sexy. -Thats Rock’nRoll.

ABBA –They opened my eyes for music which at this point got me to do “20 questions” at Metal Sludge -Thats Rock’nRoll.

Avril Lavigne – She has more Rock’nRoll to her persona and better songs than most so-called

glam/sleazbands. Thats Rock’nRoll. I love that little brat!!!

U2 – C’mon, You can’t listen to metal and hardrock or whatever 24/7…

- If You can’t admit You’re into different artists and genres YOU ARE NOT ROCK’NROLL to me!!!

I never went by any rules. You get influenced some here and some there and You’ll put Your own brand ontop. That’s what makes You special from all the other ‘cool and tough’ rockers…

I mean, take a good look at David Gahan of Depeche Mode! He has lived so much harder and faster than most rockers will ever do. To me he is Mr Rock n’Roll. It has absolutely nothing to do with what genre You choose to live or play…

Live Your dream and die a free spirit. (how deep! I know :-)

4. Speaking of “NU Sleaze” there seems to be a whole shit load of this type of band from Sweden. Shotgun Messiah came out in the 80s and now there are 10 similar looking bands in the last few years, all from Sweden. Are all of you bastard kids from Tim Tim’s groupies or what?

Hee hee, No I’m too old for having Tim’s one-night-stand as Mom :-)

I guess we are very influenced by American bands in general. So we take the best ingredients, carv off the fat and ad the swedish secret ingredient and we do end up with a better result than most American bands, anyway.

5. Rate a bass Player 1-10. 1 being a complete joke, and 10 being God like!


G5 giving us the business!

Nikki Sixx = 10 for attidude, 5 for playing. He’s very aware of his ability. Its NOT about playing well or not. Its about having a vision and balls!

Twiggy Ramirez = 8. He wanted to be a freak w/ Marilyn Manson but was way too good as far as being a musician.

Pepsi Tate = 1. Brittish glam/sleazebands never did it for me. (Except for brilliant Zodiac Mindwarp)

Kenny Kweens = 8. Great stage presence. Kenny namned me “Hot Rod” one night outside the Dragonfly in Hollywood, introducing me to Paul Stanley. –“This is our new rhythm guitarist Rod, but we’re thinking of name him “Hot Rod”, but he’s not quite there yet”

- I guess Im there now, Bro. :-)

Gene Simmons = 9. Actually, this man is a brilliant musician. I love reading or watching interviews with this self-righteous Gentleman. But he really should stop babbling about that “men-are-men whom was born to commit infidelity”… That’s just makes everything he said before which was cool and worth thinking about seem like bull… Gene, just drop it! We know your story by now!

Johnny Rod = 6. Where did he go? Guess he wasn’t “Hot” enough… Sorry, Johnny, the name is no option for You anymore.

Bobby Dall = 4 for playing 1 for attitude. Or lack thereof.

Tim Skold = 10 Have You seen this man beating the hell out of his bass??? I have!

10 is for the bass work on Shotgun Messiah’s first album.

Duff McKagan = 6. I really liked his bass lines Appetite.I used to ‘practice’ bass to this record alot. Or is it not him playing? So I heard!

Lemmy Kilmeister = Doesn’t he really play guitar?! Well,
I’ll give him 10 for attitude.


                                Make-up tips with G5!

6. What rock star deserves a big smack in the mouth and why?

There are so many people out there I truely hate and I would actually get off from

beatin’ up bad. But this is NO place for me to even mentioning their names at my 20 questions :-)  I wud never give ‘em the free advertising!

7. Kill, Fuck, Merry! (Shirley Manson, Marilyn Manson, Mary-Kate Olsen)

Let’s see, I wud kill Shirley Manson since it wouldn’t really be like killing her, since she’s so pale and frozen already. Fuck the living daylight out off little brat Mary-Kate Olsen, since she deserves a good smack around. And finally marry Marilyn Manson to get a permanet Green card, IF I get to have a separate bedroom. Deal?

8. You said the following: “It’s a huge new underground movement with a new generation of kids discovering cool bands from the 80’s like Mötley and RATT. Gemini Five is one of the leading bands of this new movement and we’re responsible for making this genre interesting again.” Is this a little bit of an over statement considering your recent release “Black-Anthem” has sold less than 500 units in America?

Well NO! Actually 500 units was a positive thing to get to know, since we have NOT released the album in The States officially yet… That means that 500 fans have gotten the cd through import, which means they are very interested in GEMINI FIVE and can’t wait ‘til the new album will be officially released. And Yes, We are responsible for making this genre interesting again. We took the best of the 80’s LA glam/sleaze scen and mixing it with whats up with today. We’re NOT a retro band, we’re not trying to bring back the 80’s. It’ 2006, god damn it… :-)

(Note: Our source reports of units sold are for the "Babylon Rockets" debut release. Which was actually under 400 units. Our mistake. Either way, Import, Export, what’s the difference. It’s safe to say G5 is not setting the world on fire – not yet at least.)


Tattoo your back much?


9. If there is a new movement, besides G5 (tee hee) who will lead the way to mainstream success and platinum status?

- You can always try an ass bleach and join the Valley porn industry.  Heard its getting pretty mainstream these days…

(Note: #2. Hot Rod likes to use Tee-Hee, and Hee-Hee about every 10-15 words. So we added a few as well. Tee-Hee.)

10. Memory Lane:

1978 = A restless little boy with lots of energi and knowing I was different than most and I was making sure my teacher was aware of it!

1980 = Discovered KISS

1983 = My head just explode while watching the “Live wire” video with Mötley on TV for the first time.

1987 = I was calling myself Rod Glamour (Ha ha ha) and I started to play bass.

1991 = Was dreaming about going to Hollywood.

1995 = boring year, quit working – Forever, tho. Which is great!

1998 = had no band since my band since 8 years had broken up.

2000 = Lived my dream in Hollywood :-)

2002 = Lived my dream in Sweden and got signed with GEMINI FIVE.

2005 = It was the year of TWO-THOUSAND-AND-GEMINI-FIVE. Well, not really…


Hot Rod plays Hot Paul age 11

11. Of all the bands you’ve shared the stage with who were the coolest and who were the biggest dicks to deal with?

I have been pretty lucky so far (knock, knock) concidering having non bad experience regarding bad attitude or bad manners. Hardcore Superstar are always great to us (dughh, I grew up with the guys in Gothenburg). The 69Eyes are our great friends and drinking buddies. Also worth mentioning is Therapy? which was so friendly and honestly interested in what we were all about :-) I guess it comes down to; how You treat others – You will get treated Yourself. I truely hope that bands that been opening for Gemini Five have nothing but good things to say about how we treated them.


      Gemini Five tearing it up live!

12. What hard rock/ heavy metal band should give it up for good?

Deep Purple. They were old and sucked in 1984 already…

13. Name the 3 high points and the 3 lowest points of your career to date?

High points:

1. Switching from guitar to bass. I wud never have made it as a guitarist :-/

2. Getting handpicked as a Beautiful Creatures’ member, when they were the hottest band in
in 2000.

3. Putting together Gemini Five and getting a deal within 10 shows. Playing with Mötley Crüe at the Sweden Rock Festival last summer of 2005.

Lowest points:

1. The break-up of my firts band GIFT in 1997 (at first namned “Cocaine Cowboys”). I lived with the guys and shared the dream for 8 years…

2. Getting the boot of the Beautiful Creatures waggon by Warner Bros. for not believing in me or what the rest of the band said and their belief in me.

3. Getting deported from the U.S. for 5 years because of the ignorant and stupid Immigraton at LAX. There’s is absolutely no words of how much I hate those fat and stupid police wannabee-bastards. This happened 4 months after I flew back home to Sweden (and returned to LA) after not getting the gig with Warner Bros./Beautiful Creatures.

14. Pick your Poison:

Zinny J. Zan or Tim Tim = Recently had a show with Zan Clan on our bill, but I still pick Tim since he was really cool to me in Hollywood. Both seems to be very cool, tho.

Grunge Bands or Rap Bands = Same shit – different haircuts.

USA or Stockholm Sweden = Hollywood is Hollywood
! Good or bad.

ABBA or N’SYNC = Easy!!! ABBA

Bass Guitar or Rhythm Guitar = As a performer- bass,  but I never practice. At home it’s abusing my guitar that rules. As a bass player I don’t really care if other bass players play well or not! A loud and screaming guitar doeas it for me :-)

Fred Durst or Kid Rock = Kid Rock is loud and nasty. Fred looks just like any boring swede to me… Will never get his “thing”. So many girl’s gonna have a bad kharma coming their way, Im telling You.

Beautiful Creatures or Tiger Tailz = SO unbelievable easy. BC has a fantastic rock spirit.

Fog Machines or Strobe Lights = I gotta say strobe. Cause you look like a robot when you’re moving :-) Too much strobe tho will lead to a convulsion, which is cool if You’re Mike Patton on the MTV music awards…

Big Boobs or Small Titties = I’m an ass’ man… I’ll go with small titties if she’s having big pussy lips and with big boobs if she’s not having big pussylips. Imaging both!!! ;-P

Make Up or Hair Spray = Make up

15. You claim to like clean women, yet you play in a dirty sleazy rock n’ roll band. You also mentioned you didn’t like women in dirty shoes. What the fuck is that all about? And did you ever turn down a woman’s advances because of her shoes?

-Hey, nothing is more boring than the same ol’ cliches. I’m Rod and I do play in Gemini Five, which is a rock n’roll band, yes! Why should I let myself get tied to some moron way of thinking of what I can or can’t do because of the fact that I’m playing in a rockband? I do like clean women – from the inside out. Yes I have actually turned down several women because of their shoes. You are what You wear. Some people turn down women of diffrent reasons like they’re too fat, too skinny, small titties, too this and too that! Tell me why I cant simply go with my intuition of knowing me the best. By knowing how she doesn’t care of wearing dirty and outworn shoes, she tells me visually that we have very little in common regarding just about anything. Its about how she thinks, how she wants to be seen. Everything. It has always been about the small things that leads to a bigger pitcure…Are You still with me or did I loose you… I know  what You’re thinking, and my band members prolly thinks the same. They trying to get a grip on my taste, but usually they fail.

16. For a tax free $ 100.000.00 Euros. There are 3 small shot glasses in front of you. The first is filled with Joe LeSte’s piss after a night of drinking beer at the Rainbow. The second is Jani Lane’s spit – the dry mouth kind you get from smoking pot and doing coke all night. And the third is filled to the top with sweat from Sebastian Bach’s greasy hair after a long headlining gig. You must drink all 3 in less than 60 seconds, and keep them down to walk with your cash. What do you do?

- First Im thinking, money talks, man! Bring it on!!! As You wrote, there are 3 SMALL glasses. How bad could it be? Especially the its a $ 100.000.00 at stake. Or is this a trick question since You wrote out both the dollar sign and then Euros!

Then on a second thought, I figured You may dare me to do the 3 shot glasses and later when Im all done go like “gotcha, there is no sucha a thing as $ 100.000.00 Euros”? But You didnt get me ;-) What the hell, I’ll fucking do it even if I don’t get paid. Just to grease You all out! One thing tho; is Sebastian Bach still doing long headline gigs? Or is “long” a word of defintion…?

17. If you could tour with any old skool (80’s) glam bands who would it be and why?

Mötley Crüe. They were the one and only during the 80’s and they still stand out today.

What other bands? Poison, Warrant, Love/Hate? I don’t think so. But its not really up to us. We’re a new band to
America so I guess we will go with what’s available and interesting when the writings on the wall… I personally think we should do great as a support to either Marilyn Manson or Rammstein. We have more in common with those bands than, lets say Poison. To me these two bands were the only two hardrock bands that stood out during the 90’s.


Nikki Sixx lite?

18. What was your biggest ever musical related pay check for and what did you buy with it?

I have honestly never gotten 1 big and relevant paycheck which is worth mentioning.

And what I did with them all? Whiped my sorry ass and went shop lifting since its fun.

19. Word Association:

Tin Star = He’s Tin Star 24/7. Talented and gifted melody maker.

Joe LeSte = Heard some backtalk about him before I joined BC, but he was great to me and made me feel like a 100% full worthy member. Joe, remember when I trashed the cd player at the
party?! Hee hee. Also acted as his personal driver at some occations…

Calle von Schewen = Swedish King of Garage Rock. A Gemini Five believer.

Snoopy = Dedicated and crazy gangster.

Harry Cody = Never met him, but he’s an awesome and underrated guitar God.

Johnny Jetson = Best Rock ‘nRoll guitar sound in LA.

Slim Pete = Stone faced bad ass skin punisher.

Johan Hargeby = Swedish King of Metal. A Gemini Five believer.

Dj Ashba = Unbelivable guitarist and showman! He was like my brother. Miss You man!

Peer Stappe = Frösen spenat i hövvet, eller? Frosen spinach in your head, or what!?  :-)

20. The Last of Hot Rod….

Last time you were on the Sunset Strip = 2000 and last night in my dreams :-(

Last time you broke a bass string = before or after I boiled ‘em? I can’t belive I answered anything to this totally uninteresting and irrelevant question. Who cares about bass strings?

Last time you signed an autograph = Last week when I was home in Gothenburg for the Holidays.

Last rock star you shook hands with = Thomas Silver of Hardcore Superstar

Last time you pissed on the toilet seat = Yesterday

Last band you saw from the crowd = Hardcore Superstar after we supported them on a mini tour recently.

Last 80s CD you cranked in the car = Pretty Boy Floyd’s “Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz” The best true glam album EVER!!! Kristy Majors ruled.

Last time you puked from drinking = A year ago. All over the hall way on the ferry to
. Very smelly and I got best grades for that from my bandmates. Hee hee.

Last time you listened to ABBA = Saw “ABBA the movie” at Christmas Day on swedish TV. Doesn’t matter how many times You’re on my ass about ABBA. I will stick to my guns.

Last time you visited Metal Sludge = before the Holidays, 2003……Sorry, 2005.


Hot Rod age 16.

What, no questions about any favorite babes? (and not so favorite babes)…

Im dissapointed… Well, here You go anyway:

Jennifer Aniston- 10.  So lovely and determined, so sweet but yet sexy.

Angela Jolie – Minus 10.  I can’t think of anyone more discusting and as a turn-off than her. Dirty from the inside out! Brad Pitt’s choice of leaving Aniston for Jolie says alot more of him than of her… Psycho bitch from hell! He fell for the oldest trick in mankind: get to see a little skin and your eyes role back in your head and You totally forget Your name…

Just wanted to let You know where I’m at in this awfully important matter.

Happy New 2006.

This was FUN!


Hot Rod Teilmann // Gemini Five

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