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Former KISS axeman Vinnie Vincent gets airplay!

Vinnie Vincent to get air play with the lost VV album!


Vinnie Vincent Invasion = Slaughter meets Poison!

Bobby Rock, Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum & Vinnie in pink

Is there something in the air or does it look like Carrot Top just vomitted an orange julius strawberry passion blast all over Vinnie’s face!

We all know the abuse that Slaughter has taken from Metal Sludge over the years, but it appears as if though Slaughter was a good move for Mark & Dana. Imagine had this band had bigger success? VVI would’ve made people forget how stupid Warrant looked in those gay white outfits in the Heaven video and no one would have even cared that Trixter had the gayest name in all of the 80s combined.

Sure Poison was glam, sure Motley Crue wore pink on the Theatre of Pain tour. But Mr. Vincent’s blatant disregard for the human race is like shock & awe 1988. Imagine the reaction if this character was walking the streets of Iraq.

Hey everyone, look what I got for Christmas! A Elton John hat of hair and a make up kit.

Unreleased VINNIE VINCENT CD To Air On Radio Show – Jan. 3, 2006

On Saturday, January 7, "The Classic Metal Show" will be airing the "lost" Vinnie Vincent (ex-KISS) album "Guitars from Hell" that he recorded circa 1991 but then never saw the light of day. Vinnie had released two albums with his band VINNIE VINCENT INVASION — the 1986 self-titled debut album and 1988’s "All Systems Go". Once the band was dropped by Chrysalis Records, half the group (bassist Dana Strum and vocalist Mark Slaughter) went on to form SLAUGHTER while Vinnie recorded demos with other musicians around 1989-1990. A year later, he worked on his "Guitars from Hell" project with singer Robert Fleischman (who sang lead on the first VVI album), but the album never saw the light of day.

"The Classic Metal Show" airs Saturday nights between 9:00 p.m and 3:00 a.m. More information is available at www.theclassicmetalshow.com .

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