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David Lee Roth says VH reunion is inevitable!

David Lee Roth says a reunion is inevitable.


Dave runs the show old skool Van Halen!

Only Dave can make Stryper style bumble bee spandex look cool. Even twenty plus years later this photo still looks bad as fuck. The real question is will Weezer be talking about the big reunion in 2026? God help us all – we’re hoping not. Is there anyone on the planet who will publish a photo of River Cuomo in his glasses and letterman sweater and say that he looked, or looks cool. Sure, it will ikely be someone who is running a Happy Days or Fonzie tribute site.

DAVID LEE ROTH On VAN HALEN Reunion – "The Inevitable Will Happen" 

2006-01-03 06:45:31

The following report is courtesy of Kim Lyons from Pittsburghlive.com:

DAVID LEE ROTH makes his radio debut today, taking over the coveted morning drive time slot vacated by Howard Stern, locally on WRKZ 93.7 K-Rock. Diamond Dave, probably best known as the former lead singer of VAN HALEN, talked with the Trib p.m. about the radio show, his job as an emergency medical technician in New York City, cheekless pants and pretty much everything else on his mind.

Q: Howard Stern had a pretty risque format, to put it mildly. How much do you think your show will resemble his?

A: "Not at all. I’m not even remotely close to Stern. I’m not a humorist; I’m not a comic; I’m not a comedian. My sense of humor has teeth — that makes me perfect for the inner city. Just like you, I’m a (expletive) cynic. You’ll never get tired of listening to me speak your mind."

Q: So you won’t be going just for laughs.

A: "The difference between me and a comedian, I don’t try — comedians are desperate for the funny. With me, you either get it or you didn’t."

Q: It sounds like you have a plan of how you want things to go, but not a schedule, or a format, true?

A: "It will be completely my way and not resemble anything that’s ever been on the radio. What other voice can ingratiate and infuriate the liberal arch left — of which I am a card-carrying member — and the NASCAR nation — of which I am a card-carrying member?"

Q: What’s the latest Van Halen news? Do you still talk to those guys?

A: "I talked to the drummer (Alex Van Halen) about a week ago. And I think, eventually, the inevitable will happen."

Q: You mean a reunion?

A: "Sure. And it definitely won’t be rockers with walkers. Getting onstage and singing ‘Dance The Night Away’ – let me tell you how difficult that isn’t going to be. When people bring up Van Halen, I talk about it with pride and with no apprehension at all. I play those songs all the time."

Q: Not to get too off-topic, but is it true that you’ve been working as an emergency medical technician in New York?

A: "I got my badge about year and a half ago, and I’ve worked in all five boroughs, mainly at night. I speak fluent Spanish, so I am often sent where that is an asset. I’ve seen this city from the inside out. How many other DJs do you know have delivered a baby? I’m on my fourth."

Q: What are you hoping to do with the radio show?

A: "Every fourth week, we’re going to up and move wherever — whether it’s the Grammys or the Superbowl — all the bastions of sin and degradation."

Q: Including Pittsburgh, of course.

A: "Absolutely. I am going to visit everywhere we play on the air. It’s a performance, after all."

Q: Your, um, unique background will serve you well on the radio, then?

A: "It’s curious what qualifies both Stern and myself to do the same job. He’s a family man who has spent the last 20 years in a small little studio and did quite well. I’ve spent the last 30 years leading a life of crime and international intrigue, so perhaps I’m overqualified."

Q: Will you be wearing those cheekless pants on the air? And, how will we know?

A: "Let’s face it, I look better in (cheekless) chaps than Al Franken ever (expletive) would."

Q: And what do you think will keep people tuning in every morning?

A: "I’ll tell people this: it’ll give them a good reason to slap a little bourbon in their coffee. You’ll get a bottomless cup of attitude, and the second one’s free."

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