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10 Questions with Up N’ Sludgers Azrael’s Bane

Up N’ Sludgers 10 Questions with Azrael’s Bane


Azrael’s Bane at the Monterrey Metal-Fest in Mexico ’05

1. Here is your chance, tell us all about Azrael’s Bane?

We’re a 5 piece melodic metal band based in Houston, Texas. We formed in 2002. The band consists of Trey Gadler on vocals, Jeff Clifton and Chuck McFadden on guitars, Brent Marches

on bass and Rick Ward on drums. Our debut CD, “Wings of Innocence” is available from Chavis Records www.chavisrecords.net or from us directly at www.azraelsbane.com We’re doing

pre production on CD #2 right now, which should be out around April.

2. Now tell us this, what the fuck does Azrael’s Bane mean?

If I had nickel…There’s no big mystery, like most bands we spent a lot of time

arguing about what we were gonna call ourselves. Brent came up with Azrael based on a Batman comic character, (yeah we’re a bunch of geeks, fuck off). It was

taken, so we threw the Bane thing on there. We invented this complicated back

story that we used for all of about 10 minutes. That got old fast. In the end we all just thought it sounded cool.

3. What exactly is the goal for the band?

Total world domination! We’re planning on selling a billion CDs, making a bazillion

dollars and spending it all on hookers and blow. Barring that we’ll settle for making some music that we can be proud of and having some fun with it.

4. Your bio talks about you sharing the stage with LA Guns, Quiet Riot, Angel,and other 80s metal bands. Who was the coolest and who were the dicks?

We’ve played with a ton of name bands, and for the most part they’ve all been cool. The guys in Metal Church were awesome. They hung out and watched our set, then hung around and partied

a bit after theirs. We’ve since played with them again, and gotten to know those guys a bit.

They’re a good bunch of dudes. Motorhead was kick ass to us as well. We were hanging with

some of those guys in a hotel bar after a show. The staff kicked us out at closing time, so we moved the party to a hotel conference room. When we ran out of booze Phil Campbell got his

entire wet bar from his room so we could continue the party. We drank his booze and he told us road stories till dawn. It was a good time. George Lynch was kind of a dick. He wouldn’t take a picture with our guitar players, who are both big fans of his, but the house power blew in the

middle of his set, and he was pissed, so we’ll let him slide on that one. The rest of his band was great though. Glenn Danzig was kind of a dick. We were playing a festival with him and a bunch

of other bands last year. There were a bunch of us waiting for a van to take us back to the hotel

after the show. There must have been about 20 of us or so. There were 2 vans available and

wanted his own van, wouldn’t share the ride with anybody else, so the rest of us had to cram into the other one. Beyond that everybody we’ve ever played with has been really down to earth and cool.


A few of the AB guys with Ripper Owens!

5. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped so you guys can take their place?

All of the Limp Korn nu metal bands. I guess that trend is finally dying out anyway, but man, I can’t stand that crap.

6. If you guys could open for one band on a world tour, who would it be and why?

Maiden, Queensryche, KISS. Any of them would be awesome. I’m not picky though. If we could see the world on somebody else’s dime and get paid for it I’d go out with Tuff if the money was right.

7. Name the 3 high points of being in AB, and name the 3 high points of the Internet?

High points for AB:

1.   Playing the Monterrey Metal Festival- thousands of people screaming their lungs out down in Mexico on the same bill as some of the biggest bands in the genre. It was incredible.

2.  Getting our deal with Chavis Records.

3.  Recording and releasing our first CD.

High points of the inernet? Hmm. Ebay, I-tunes and of course Metal Sludge (yeah I’m sucking up, whatever, deal with it)!

8. What was the biggest and the smallest crowd AB has ever played in front of?

Biggest- about 10 thousand in


Smallest- we played a gig in San Antonio to the other band and the bartenders


AB on stage at the Monterrey Metal Fest ’05.

9. Where do you see the band being in the year 2010?

A. Broke up completely

B. Playing locally with only 2 members of the current line-up left

C. Signed and on Ozfest kicking ass


Hopefully C, but more likely a combination of A and B. We’ll break up and then a couple of us will get back together and sue the rest of the guys for the naming rights.

10. The last of AB…..

Last 80s band you played with = Lillian Axe    

Last amount you got paid for a gig = Your supposed to get paid for this? Nobody told me!

Last song you wrote and recorded = We did some demos for our new record recently, so

I guess one of those. As far as what we’ve actually released, whatever the last song was we

recorded on the CD, I forget which one it was.

Last band you watched from the crowd and thought they sucked = I’ve seen a bunch of really bad local bands, but I try not to judge. Everyone has something to offer. Some of those bands are just a little green. I saw Warrant recently, and I while I didn’t think they sucked, they weren’t nearly as good as they used to be.

Last time you saw a Metal Sludge shirt in the crowd = At our last gig. There’s always one or 2 floating around out there.

Well if you like loud guitars a drummer who actually uses his toms for fills, and don’t need to hear turn tables scratchin’ or rappers rappin’ then we suggest you check out www.azraelsbane.com

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