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Slash “This time it really sounds like it’s coming out.”

Slash mentions the new Guns N’ Roses record due in March 2006?


Classic Slash.

According to a GUNS N’ ROSES fan site:

According to a posting on the GUNS N’ ROSES fan site Here Today… Gone to Hell!, former GN’R and current VELVET REVOLVER guitarist Slash was interviewed on the WMMR radio station in Philadelphia on Friday (Dec. 30) and he said that he can’t wait to hear Axl Rose’s new GUNS N’ ROSES record in March. The host asked him if he meant that "Chinese Democracy" is coming out in March, to which Slash replied that he’s been told many things over time, but this time it really sounds like it’s coming out. He also believes the album is done.

GUNS N’ ROSES’ "Greatest Hits" collection, which was originally issued in March of 2004, sold 38,000 copies in the United States last week alone, bringing the total number of copies sold since its release to 2.65 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Rose, along with Slash and ex-bassist Duff McKagan, tried to block the release of "Greatest Hits" with a lawsuit, claiming that the record label had assembled the CD without their input. The band’s label, Geffen Records, insisted that it was forced to put out a greatest hits album since Axl Rose had failed to deliver the long-delayed new GUNS album, "Chinese Democracy".


                        Axl = Joan Rivers?                    Axl = Scumbag!

We vote for the rock n’ roll scumbag on the right. How about you?

A March release for the new Gn’R – and Hell is freezing over too? Well, we’re guessing that this thing has got to be released sometime right? Who knows. At this point Buckethead could be replaced by the Jack in the Box mascot and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Seeing Axl follow through with anything other than plastic surgery as of late is a huge fucking gamble these days.

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