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2006 is coming…so is the return of Sleaze Rock n’ Roll!

2006 is coming…so is the return of Sleaze Rock n’ Roll!


Crashdiet from Stockholm Sweden recently released "Rest in Sleaze."

Dave Lepard 25 singer/guitarist, Martin Sweet 25 guitars,

Peter London 22 bass & Eric Young 20 drums.



Vains of Jenna & Gilby Clarke (X-Gn’R) in the studio Los Angeles August 2005.

Lizzy Devine 24 vocals/guitars, Nicki Kin 19 guitars, Jp White 21 bass,

and Jacki Stone 19 drums. This super young band which hails from

Falkenberg Sweden will hit the streets of Hollywood in the spring

of 2006 with plans to kick some major rock n’ roll ass.



Towers of London who are from..you guessed it London England!

The band has been given a vote of confidence by none other than Nikki Sixx.




The 69 Eyes from Helsinki Finland have also vowed to hit the states in 2006 looking to shake things up. The band has a good friend in Bam Margera and

this has helped shove the bands name down some MTV viewers throats!



The band Bastardz are from Sao Paulo Brazil and have even received MTV

play with their song "Pills."  The bands lead singer Nat Reed has a similar

look to a fellow by the name of W. Axl Rose during his prime years!



Hardcore Superstar another Swedish group formed in the late 90s and

just released a self titled disc thru JVC Japan in November 2005.



What’s hot n 2006, or what will be hot in 2006? How about the return of Sleazy Rock N’ Roll. It’s time for someone to pull the plug on Weezer, Nickelback, and some of these ridiculous rap bands.

That’s right folks, time to make a statement and shovel the shit off the floor. Lil’ Jon, Lil’ Bow Wow, Lil’ Kim, Lil’ annoying is more like it. Fuck these bling blingin’, gasoline can carryin’, fake ass crib & car collection havin’ asses. 

It’s also time to remove certain bands from the gene pool who look like winners of the fucking National spelling bee contest. Metal Sludge just did a search on Google for "Nerds wearing glasses" and look what comes up. Here is your challenge for the day, which are the nerds and which is the rock star?


Looks like 4 of a kind to me! Phil Helmuth would be elated! What a fucking shame this is. The youth of today are being fed shit by lame shows, lame bands and no one is on drugs and kicking peoples asses in bars. The Stones were cool in the 60s, Aerosmith & Van Halen in the 70s, Motley Crue ruled the 80s and then fuck face came along with his dreary outlook on life. Well he’s a decade dead now..time to move on.


Rock band? Not! Hey guys, you got some hooky songs, nice sweaters, and your energy of a fucking boiled bag of shrimp is no longer needed. Go sip some tea in Beverly Hills and get the fuck out of the way already.

Metal Sludge

Don’t go away Sludged, just go away!

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