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Jizzy Pearl says: “Steven Adler went to stab me in the eye with a soldering iron.”

Steven Adler says: "Jizzy Pearl can kiss my ass!"


Robbie Crane, Brent Muscat, Keri Keli, Jizzy Pearl

and Adler (front) when they were called Suki Jones.

Updated Agaian 12-31-2005:

This is great. Almost as whack as some of the past Sludge battles.

Let us break it down for you and give you the short version of what you’re about to read.

"I like you, I mean I hate you."  "no I like you instead."  "no fuck you – you fingered my friends wife!"  "no I didn’t, she blew me!"  "huh? hold it, didn’t you quit the band to tour with so n’ slop?"  "no I toured with such n’ suck." "your band sucks!" "no, your bands a cover band." "But you’re a hired gun." "that’s it, I want your eye, and I’m gonna poke it out!" "stop it, I can’t understand your words are mumbled." The End!

Thanks for letting Sludge clear the air.

A question or TEN, from a fan on the Jizzy Pearl Gossip Central Message Board:

QUOTE (DaBrookMan @ Fri Dec 30 2005 21:09)

Hey what’s up guys? Happy New Year! Jizz let me say that I respect your talent immensely! I’m sure I’m not the only one who became aware of you through your work with Adlers Appetite. Didn’t you quit the band? Literally left them hanging just before you were supposed to go to Japan? You said previously that you thought the name was stupid. Now you are claiming part ownership in the name? Why? Money? Or is it just to spite Adler after he retalliated against you? Those comments you made in your sludge diary were malicious! The fact that Steven came to see you at the Ratt show was an attempt to make amends. Maybe you didn’t think there was a friendship worth salvaging – you were no longer in the band – but you sold him out to entertain your readers. The world knows Steven has his share of problems and issues, but I felt your comments showed no regard for him or his privacy. Yes, he may have went off on you with wild suspicion. There were people fueling those suspicions! Did you make an attempt to let him know that you were free of guilt? Besides on the internet? The bottom lines are there was a misunderstanding and the lineup eventually didn’t work out. Is there no moving on?

Anywayz, I hope my 2 cents are welcome. 

Another Jizzy Post in reply:

I think everyone’s missing the point. I’m the one with the website so I got elected to put up this notice so everyone thinks this is about ME. When a lot of people were asking why Robbie and Keri weren’t going to Europe you (Brook) were the one that said they left to pursue other things…well, that wasn’t quite true was it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had to put up this notice. Steven didn’t fire anybody? No but his ##### did. This isn’t Enron we’re talking about, this is a GnR cover band—no one is trying to wrangle Steven’s fortune out of this. We all entered into a business arrangement with the best of intentions, it’s a fairly standard agreement and it got fucked up that’s all. People wanted to know and now they know, this isn’t Kramer vs. Kramer. Steven didn’t go to the Joint to ‘make amends’ with me, he went to stab me in the eye with a soldering iron, remember? I don’t need to reassure Steven that I’m not sleeping with his wife the same way I don’t have to tell him there’s no Santa Claus. It’s a weird bizarre delusion I guess but pretty straightforward as delusions go and I eagerly look forward to his next interview where I will be outed as Keyser Sose. 


And of course a Robbie post/answer:


I’ve never had a problem with you and I hope that doesn’t change but I think you’re only hearing one side of the story and a very colored version at that. I don’t think anyone should start pointing fingers at Jizzy. Jizzy had his reasons for not going to Japan and while Keri and I don’t necessarily agree with him we understand his reasons. The truth is he never came to any of us and said “I Quit”, and he was never legally voted out of the partnership. This isn’t about money, a name or who fucked whose wife. This is about principal and accountability. We started Adler’s Appetite together. Keri and I spent hundreds of hours doing the bands business on the phone, computer and in meetings with agents, promoters, airlines and venues with out asking for and/or getting one dime more then any other member (And yes, we have all of the payout receipts signed by each member to prove that in any court) and how do we get repaid for all of our hard work? We get replaced, for bullshit, unfounded no evidence bad advice reasons. Jizzy didn’t have a problem with Steven coming to the Cinderella/Ratt show at the Joint. I put Steven on the list in front of Jizzy and he didn’t say a word. Even after Steven threatened to "Poke his eyes out with a soldering iron" when he saw him a couple of days before. No one from the Ratt bus ever tried to stop Steven from coming to the show or going backstage, I would never have let that happen to Steven. So unless you were in the band, at the meetings, in the van, on the airplane or at the airport dealing with what we had to deal with to truly know the facts of what really went on in the band like Craig, Ryan, Fast Tommy or Armando then you are only hearing one of the partners version and again, a very colored version. None of us want anything from Steven, he has violated our trust and we don’t want anything to do with him ever again. But, we do want him to stop doing business under our agreed partnership and name. We would have given Steven the name and the partnership for nothing, not one penny if he would have handled it properly.


Updated 12-30-2005: As the Sludge turns….

The following was posted by former bass player Robbie Crane:

We didn’t want to disclose our personal business to the world but, we don’t have a choice. Keri Jizzy and I agree it’s time to let everyone know what is really going on.




Robbie Crane and a fan.

Crane is the dork in the hat!

And a follow up post from Jizzy as well:

How funny life is. People get fired and lose money and it’s all about me trying to get attention …yeah, that makes sense. Thanks to Steven’s big mouth I’m getting all the attention I can handle….Hey Steven, I didn’t sleep with your wife…get it? You understand? Listen to your lawyer when he tells you.


Updated 12-27-05: Jizzy shoots back on his official website message board.


The following is posted on Jizzy’s website message board….

Concerning the recent departure of members of Adler’s Appetite, Keri, Robbie and Jizzy would like to address the situation. The truth is none of the partners have quit Adler’s Appetite. In February of 2003 Keri Kelli and Ryan Johnson (Former A.A. manager) recruited each band member, Johnson later came up with the moniker “Adler’s Appetite”. On October 19th, 2004 in the state of California Jizzy Pearl, Keri Kelli, Robbie Crane & Steven Adler entered into a signed and notarized partnership agreement as “Adler’s Appetite” legally binding them as equal partners. The partnership has sole ownership and control of the name “Adler’s Appetite”, the EP Masters, the A.A. Website, DBA and all present and future interests from records, merchandise and/or touring under the “Adler’s Appetite” name. The Adler’s Appetite name and logo are registered trademarks owned by the partnership and it’s four partners. In accordance with the partnership agreement no one single member has the right or authority to hire or fire anyone without a majority vote from all four partners. Steven Adler has violated this agreement and is in jeopardy of losing his share of the partnership and his right to the Adler’s Appetite name. Booking agents, promoters, club owners, record companies, merchandisers and any and all hired players should be aware that a legal partnership and trademark exists and anyone reproducing the Adler’s Appetite trademarked name and/or logo, anyone entering into any business affairs as Adler’s Appetite without the express written consent of all four legal partners are subject to full legal action.

Keri Kelli, Jizzy Pearl and Robbie Crane want to thank all the fans for their support and apologize for the confusion.

The Adler’s Appetite Partners

A few comments from an Interview Steven did in Argentina a few months back that sparked the whole deal.

Juan Pablo Dominguez of Jedbangers magazine spoke to former GUNS N’ ROSES and current ADLER’S APPETITE drummer Steven Adler during ADLER’S APPETITE’s three-date tour of Argentina in early November. The brief question-and-answer session follows:

Jedbangers: This is your second time in Argentina. The first time you were here, you told me that you were preparing all this stuff, that you were thinking about doing a tour playing some old GUNS N’ ROSES songs…

Steven: "I’ve been doing this for (about) three years now. A year after the last time I was here with Gilby, I put the band together and I’ve been touring the world. I’ve been to Europe three times, Japan, South America, Mexico… It’s been so great. It’s been really a lot of fun. I didnt realize how much I missed playing until I came here with Gilby. I really missed it."

Jedbangers: As far as I know, you were playing with other musicians. Brent Muscat, for instance.

Steven: "Yeah, Brent Muscat was in the band, Robbie Crane, Keri Kelli… and also another jackass singer, I don’t remember his name. I didn’t like him very much. Not a good singer."

Jedbangers: Are you talking about the guy who recorded your EP [Jizzy Pearl; ex-LOVE/HATE, RATT]?

Steven: "Yeah. If I would’ve known anyone who sang like that, I would’ve gotten someone else before we record that EP]. I’m serious. I didn’t like him very much. Not a good singer, not a good person and he can kiss my ass. I didn’t like that guy."

Jedbangers: So how are you dealing with your current band?

Steven: "It’s so much more fun. We’re more professional."

Jedbangers’ interview with Steven Adler will be published in the magazine’s next issue, due out in January.

(Thanks: Hugo Garcia / Jedbangers)

The first response by Jizzy on his message board:

"Yeah, funny. I like the last part about Adler being ‘more professional.’ If you guys only knew… He thinks I had an affair with his wife. He also thinks Craig [Bedford, former ADLER’S APPETITE guitarist] had an affair with his wife, hence his firing. He also thinks that his wife travelled with us on the RATT bus this last summer. Adler’s lawyer was there in Houston with us on the bus and could tell him otherwise, but he hasn’t. Why? I could get [John] Corabi [RATT guitarist] and Warren [DiMartini, RATT guitarist] to come on here but that would be only feeding delusion. It’s not up to me to tell people why Robbie [Crane, former ADLER’S APPETITE bassist] and Keri [Kelli, former ADLER’S APPETITE guitarist] were fired but the lie that they ‘left on good terms’ is exactly that — a lie. Keri was fully expecting to go to Europe, In fact he worked many hours putting that tour together. Robbie was accused of some horrible shit and is seeking legal action against ‘Mr. Professional’. I debate whether to tell people all the dirty little secrets that I have witnessed while on tour and off. Old habits die hard I guess.

"Hey, New Guys, good luck with that…you’re in for quite a thrill ride."


Looks like there was some bad blood in the old Adlers Appetite/Suki Jones camp. Seems Adler has had a little distaste for his former singer, and we’re not talking about Bill Bailey either.

The hot rumour on the street was that this has something to do with an alleged affair between Pearl and Adlers onetime girlfriend who shall remain nameless. Inside sources claim that Adler was calling Pearl and making outlandish accusations during and after their most recent gigs together.

We’ll keep you posted when more Sludge hits the fan.

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