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A Holiday Greeting from CC Banana-Claus

CC Banana-Claus?


Anyone want a Banana in their stocking?

We recently received the following e-mail from our 2003 Sludgeaholic of the Year CC Banana, which was sent exclusively to his super-secret mailing list. Looks like he’s been slacking off on keeping it up-to-date! We did work him pretty hard this year, so we’ll cut him some slack. And he did come up with the clever holiday image above, which we wanted to share with all the Sludgeaholics.

There’s also a photo below of CC without the Banana suit, as a pissed-off ol’ Saint Nick! CC tells us that on December 16th he actually introduced the "final" Twisted Sister concert while disguised as the raunchy Santa, which was a big hit with all the SMFs and Sludgeaolics in the crowd!

Anyway, here’s CC’s e-mail…

Season’s Greetings, Banana fans!

Gosh, has it really been 9 months since my last official update? Truth be told, I’ve been such a busy

Banana this past year that I simply wasn’t able to keep up with my usual quarterly mailings. As such,

there’s quite a banana backlog of exciting news to share! So after the holiday hoopla dies down I’ll do

my best to catch you up on the highlights of 2005 before racing headlong into 2006.

See ya next year, everyone!

C.C. Banana



And here is CC Banana doing his other gig at the mall.

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