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News flash! Tracii Guns quits Quiet Riot & joins Vixen?

Tracii Guns joins Vixen?


Tracii (left) trades band members names like Phil,

Frankie and Kevin, for Jan, Share, and Janet!

Wow, what can be said but that was fast. News outlets and e-mail spam has circulated heavily in the recent 24 hours about the demise of Brides of Destruction and the subsequent Tracii Guns joining forces with Quiet Riot. 

Too bad the #1 album, and millions of sales happened just a little over 20 years ago. Maybe Tracii, is thinking he wants to jam with some better looking guys instead? Huh? Wtf? That’s what we said, but then think about it. It’s either QR or back to LA Guns…and Frankie Banali looks like a super model compared to the LA Guns drummer Mr. Riley. As for Kevin even though he’s no Brad Pitt, he has the confidence of an Al Qaida leader. And he’s also sporting gold chains, rings, and various bling-bling. Phil comes from the UK, so he’s all about rain, tea, and dark clothes. Kevin is dressed for suckcess, kind of like London LeGrand was. Unfortunately London couldn’t sing his was onto a whack pack parody and Kevin can.

We’re guessing that London will be back to cutting hair on Melrose shortly, while Scott looks for session work. As for Nikki Sixx, well he’s jamming with some other guys and we all wish him luck with that. A guys gotta dream.

Now more gossip is circulating that Tracii has now joined forces with the all female group Vixen. This at present can not be confirmed or denied from sources close to the group. However Metal Sludge has been leaked this exclusive press photo that could hold a hint as to what’s to come.

We have a feeling this might just be true. Tracii, with his girl name, and past of having long hair and wearing some eyeliner leads one to believe that this could be a match.

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