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Sludgette of the Month December 2005 – Nadia

Sludgette of the Month December 2005 – NadiaNadiaM_Slut.jpg


1. Tell us about you, who you are and why you’re hanging around Metal Sludge?

I am a Glam Queen!! And a French one too!! Actually, I am a pretty funny girl with a twisted sense of humor. I challenge people all the time, tell them crazy things just to freak ‘em out. I come to Metal Sludge cause It’s the only place where I can read about all the washed up rockstars…nah…I’m kiddin’…I luv them!

2. Age: 35

Height: 5”11

Weight: 125

3. Where are you from, where do you wanna move to, and what do you do for a job?

I live In Montreal, Canada where the glam-rock music scene is almost non-existent and the weather sucks. I would really luv to move to L.A. but I guess I need that stupid green card right?…So since I’m stuck here I work in a bank doing a crappy job with old whinny bitches.

4. Tell us about your turn ons and your turn offs?

As for turn ons, I luv bad boys with tattoos and piercings, great sense of humor and crazy hairdos and big cocks.

Turn offs; garlic breath, ignorant people, racists and small cocks!

(You still remember what I said about my sense of humor, right?)

5. Name your favorite and least favorite bands?

Lately I’ve been listening to great Canadian bands Robin Black www.robinblackrocks.com and Crash Kelly www.crashkelly.ca Also digging Hardcore Superstar, Brides Of Destruction and Buckcherry. Oh, and Weezer too…nah.it sucks like a cheap whore

6. If you could get naked and exchange body fluids with any past Sludgeaholic or Sludgette, who would you pick and why?

Well…Olivia “Ette” Daniel is a really hot chick and bastard boy floyd is the cutest of em’ all.


Naughty French girl who is turned on by big cocks!

7. Tell us about your biggest pet peeve?

I hate body hair, spiders and Canadian winters. Oh…and a sweaty nut sack too…LMAO

8. How did you find about Metal Sludge and how long have you been cumming here?

I didn’t get the chance to cum here yet but I come here since Troy Patrick Farrell www.drummertroy.com came to Montreal with Mike Tramp www.miketramp.com and hooked me to the Mighty Sludge and It’s been over 4 years now.

9. Your personal motto is :

If you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, then shut the fuck up!! I apply it to myself too…sometimes I’m mute for hours lol


Come to Nadia, but not if you have a small cock!

10. How do feel about being crowned the December 2005 Sludgette of the month?

That’s probably the best thing that could happen to me…maybe some old, bald, rich American man will want to marry me and take me to L.A and then I could go out to shows and pick up fresh, young rockers…ah…Just kidding…I am really honored! It also gave me the chance to plug the bands I love.

Thank you guys, you’re the best! Keep pissing off “Rockstars” who deserve it!!!

Nadia answering question #4 for turn ons is a good thing. Now if we could only clone the rest of the female race to think that way? Thanks Nadia you rock!



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