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Advertising With Sludge

This AD worked. You clicked it.

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If you want to affect a fan base for Hair Bands,

Glam Rock, 80s Metal, Heavy Metal or good

old fashioned Rock N’ Roll than

you’ve got the right place.

We don’t shove a dozen trendy styles down your

throat when we know what the true die hard,

Hard Rock music fan wants to read.

Who wants to wade through fifty plus articles

of useless crap you’ve never heard of?

"Entomed Goats Blood issue live at Deathfest CD" 

How many times have you read this crap?

No punk rock, No alternative, No grunge,

No dark metal, No hardcore and lastly -

No bands whose logos you can’t read!

Just Metal Sludge!

Serving you since 1998!

15 years of pure Metal Sludge!

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