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Retarded teen asks teacher: “Do you know Nelson?”

Retarded teen asks teacher:

"Do you know Nelson?"


Note: Matt & Gunnar pictured – not the retarded kid.

We found a post on our World Famous Gossip Board that we felt we needed to share with everyone. We are not posting this to make fun of, but rather to prove a point. A point that 80s metal is still alive and kicking!

Well, maybe not kicking but at least alive!

The following is what was posted by a Sludge fan.

The retarded girl I worked with today

Let me start by saying that as a Special Education teacher, I certainly have nothing at all against people with disabilities, whatever they may be…. I don’t think they’re any "less than" anyone else, and often, in ways, better people than many of us.

That said, I thought this was pretty damn funny. I’m subbing right now, and today I got called to a middle school I hadn’t previously been to. I was working in a class for the Developmentally Impaired. One girl, maybe 14, asked me about 80s music, and I told her, sure, I was way into it. Turns out she was way up on 80s hair metal, her favorite band was Poison, she could name all the members… she really knew her shit! She knew Motley Crue, Don Dokken, I hummed "The Final Countdown" and she was able to identify it as Europe. Somehow she had gotten clued into Michael Schenker, and was fascinated by him, and had tons of questions about me seeing him like a year ago. But mostly: glam metal. "Do you know Nelson? Do you know Slaughter?" etc. etc.

Totally sweet kid, and socially fairly high functioning all the way around, but she couldn’t add 8+8.

In conclusion, obviously this doesn’t mean that Poison fans are retarded, or that they have retarded kids, or anything like that.

Posted by: DS – Spokaine

Our question is this. How can a 14 year old "challenged" teen be so into, or up on 80s metal? According to her age, this means she was just born in 1991. How is it that a mentally and/or physically challenged child has access to and knowledge of names like Don Dokken, the band Europe, or Nelson?

Do you think her parents are or were buying her Metal Edge magazine? Highly unlikely.  Do you think she was wheel chaired into a used CD store and spent hours pouring through used .99 cent discs and dicovered all of these bands last summer? Probably not. Do you think she saw these bands on MTV? Nope. Vh1? Probably not. What 10, 12 or 14 year old retarded kid is up at 10:PM when the "Where are they now?" special is actually airing. None. They are sleeping with a stuffed animal and dreaming about MacDonalds and chocalate pudding. Can anyone answer that? We can. And we’re betting the farm that this kid is logging onto or has logged onto Metal Sludge.

Now just to be clear again. We are not here to make fun of, but to laugh with rather than at. Millions of people tuned in weekly to shows like "In Living Color" which regulalry featured a sketch called Handi-Man. For those who don’t remember, it was Damon Wayans playing a physically challenged super hero. These skits would leave most people laughing hysterically and screaming for more. Damon in a blue cape, hands curled up, and limping around slurring words like a "retarded" person. 

Good stuff, good fun, and good humor.

This isn’t even Metal Sludge portraying a handi capped person, but we’re letting a neat story be told. A story that puts a little smile on your face. Think about this, what if the kid was into Slayer and Bio Hazard? Now that would be funny.

Ironically there is another thread that has a link that fits the Holiday spirit, and the spirit of not laughing at cripples – but with them. Go check it out!


Honestly, if we’re going to make fun of anyone, it would probably be Nelson. Check out the chubby cheeks. Lay off the fries bro!

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