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Sludge Re-Wind with Steve “Sex” Summers

                    Steve "Sex" Summers strikes a pose in 1989!

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We first talked to Steve "Sex" Summers when he did our 20 Questions to promote the MSX tour back in June of 2003.

Now It’s nearing 2006 and the Pretty Boy Floyd frontman talks about all the general crap you’d expect. Naked girls, cancelled tours, damaged hotel rooms, old band members, money and of course how he wants to give oral to Jackie Enx from Rhino Bucket.

1. Time for an update! Plug your tours, websites, releases, etc… 

Japan, here we come!  Can’t beat that.  New dudes, new tunes, rockin’ in the holiday season.  Japan tour, yes.  Tour dates: 12/14 Club Change, 12/15 Hook, 12/16 12/17 12/18 Live Freak.  For more info or tickets, go to boosterdragon.com.  Okay, now if you want to hear some brand new Floyd tunes, go to our new My Space page www.myspace.com/prettyboyfloydband.  I wonder who is going to say wrote these songs?  I guarantee Floyd fans that they will receive the album they deserve that should have followed Leather Boyz.  All new shit, I’m taking the bull by the fuckin’ horns.  We are working on a new website so until then, right now our merchandizing company is selling classic Floyd shirts on ebay.  You can’t miss it.  I know a lot of people sell our stuff, but not all of this new shit.  Bitchin’ shirts galore, check it out. 

I’m currently managing a new nude bar in Van Nuys called Shenanigans.  It’s at 15832 Stagg St. in Van Nuys.  Currently I am doing the most writing I ever have, and I am looking forward to a new Floyd release next year.  Also, I am training people again, fitness that is.  I think I am about 20 pounds lighter than a couple years ago.  You know, all leaned up.  So if you’re an out of shape musician, give me a call 818-386-5899.

2. Pretty Boy Floyd back in Japan huh? Rumor has it the last time you played there the band destroyed the hotel rooms and that you guys were not allowed back again. What happened?


Oh Shit!  Yeah the last time we were there two years ago, first things first, the shows went off great, so we had that going for us.  Then the after parties, here is where the few of us had different theories on sleep, drugs, destruction, common sense, hotel etiquette, and just wanting to chill with a hot Japanese chick.  No, usually 50/50 %, no, 75/25 % after a show, after hanging with fans, selling merchandise, convincing the promoter that there were more people there than he said, collecting the cash, stealing a few things from the venue, people who know me know I usually like to bail back to the hotel room.  I admit, I love being in hotels on the road, my own room of course- fuck this is going forever.  Bottom line, I’m in one room doing my thing, Chad Les, and Dish are 3 or 4 doors down doing their thing, which happens to be cranking a ghetto blaster all night, playing guitar and singing all night, drinking or something all night, and then kicking a whole in the wall in their room, which was explained to me the next morning by one of the members “My legs are long, I had a nightmare in my sleep and kicked the wall,” really.  And I actually sugar coated that story.  So besides the whole floor of guests having to be moved all night due to noise, and the damage to the room, the promoter said the next morning, “thank you, don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

3. Who’s in the band for this tour and what happened to Leslie, Dish & Chad?

The line up right now is great.  I’m happy as hell.  Lets just say three skinny tatted black-haired professionals, whatever that means, great fuckin’ musicians and just plain old good guys.  Too many ex-famous bands to name them from, but my new guitar cat, Michael Thomas, is the new guitar star in Steven Adler’s Adler’s Appetite.  As far as Leslie, Dish and Chad, I really don’t know too much.  I talk to my boy Chad once in a while, and he tells me he’s still jamming with Leslie in a new project.  Dish, I believe, is still doing sound, he’s an engineer . . . no really, and playing with some projects.  So basically, nothing since Floyd.  Just a joke guys, its just Sludge, take a deep breath.

4. Let’s go back to the big tour blow out. Pretty Boy Floyd was set to do some dates with Faster Pussycat this last summer and Peppermint Creeps were suppose to open. Things got crazy and it turned into a big he said – she said war. Even your agent Chuck from AWW made a statement. The whole tour was eventually scrapped. What really happened the fans are dying (not really) to know?

It was just supposed to be a two week little run with Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd, this was when The Creeps were backing me, just so we’re straight here.  I agreed like I did in the past that if a promoter really really wanted to have the Creeps play too, I wouldn’t mind if they opened some of the shows before Floyd played like I did a few times in the past already.  I’m actually pretty easy going if you know me.  In reality, I had no problem with it, even though people were telling me when you’re doing Floyd, they should know they’re doing Floyd, not both.  But once again I was still cool with it.  I mean come on now, in reality if you are a Floyd fan coming to see Floyd and his new members on a Pussycat Floyd run, do you really think it’s fair or exciting to see the same members in Floyd in the band right before Floyd.  But once again, I was still cool with it because I wanted to help both bands.  Alright, I’m going to finish this up.  At the end of the day, whatever day that was, when the tour was locked and loaded, they were to open like two shows.  And apparently what chuck told me, and if chuck said it , it must be true, a member of the Creeps was calling the office every fuckin’ day, which is my booking agency, and bugging the shit out of Chuck saying “why this, why that, why aren’t we opening more shows” and so on.  Remember, this is from Chuck.  Then Chuck would call me and go, “Steve, please tell these guys to stop calling me.”  Then I would talk to the Creeps and they would say, “No Chuck said this that blah blah blah.”  So to make a long fuckin’, stupid, waste-of-my-fucking-time story shorter, apparently Chuck got one too many calls from them one day and finally went ape shit on them and said, “Listen man, only two promoters wanted you to open the shows” (and here’s the best part) then he says, “Steve didn’t want you guys to open any of the shows anyhow (woops).”  This is too silly to even go on, let’s just say they thought I was blackballing them.  That was the word I heard, blackballing.  So apparently they called Chuck back and said, “We’re pulling out of the big tour.”  Chuck called me, I laughed, picked up the phone, called Leslie, Chad and Dish who said they would do it no problem.  So everything was still a go.  But apparently a few days after that, I think something fell through in the Pussycat camp and thing fell through anyways.  So that was the end of the Creeps, no hard feelings, I wish them all the success in the world.

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The back of the tour bus = beer, breasts & blow jobs for all!

5. Rate a Hollywood club 1-10 from back in the day!

Rate a club, how ridiculous.

Whisky-A-Go-Go = 8

Troubadour = 7

Gazzarris = 9

Cathouse = 9

Coconut Teaser = 7

FM Station = 7

The Country Club = 8

X-Poseur 54 = 7

The Roxy  = 9

The Palace = 9

6. In your original 20 Questions with Metal Sludge you said the following:  "Money, Money, Money. In most cases if your not an original member, you probably get tired of being paid with beer and pussy. I mean, not at first, but after a while I heard it’s hard to pay bills. In our band, it’s right across the board, in black and white. I get 70% of everything, and they get 10%." That’s pretty brutal considering 10% of a $ 300.00 gurantee is only $ 30.00. Our question is this, is that 10% after expenses? In that case it looks like the hired guns would’ve had to pay you to be in the band? And if so, is that the reason they are no longer there?

First of all, I didn’t say “money, money, money.”  I just answered the questions I was asked.  The whole 70%/30% pay scale was just a joke.  I couldn’t believe how many people believed that and took it so seriously.  You can ask any of the guys that we always split the money evenly, maybe with me getting a few bucks more here and there only when we were paid really well.  To be honest with you, the guys got pretty mad when I answered that question.  They said they felt “degraded” and people would always come up to them and say you’re only getting that much.  And I had to tell them a hundred times, “are you fuckin’ kidding me, it was a joke, chill out.”

7. Speaking of 10%, what is the most wasted you have ever seen Leslie on the road? (Give us a good story)

Hey common now, he’s not the only one that likes to get wasted.  But here’s a good one.  I think it was a year or so ago, we were in I think it was Cincinnati or Chicago or some other place I forget, we were doing the old van tour, it was late at night I think this was when we were playing the side stage on the Poison tour during the day and headlining a club tour at night.  So let’s just say I was tired as shit, but Leslie and Chad wanted to go out so they dropped me at the hotel.  Apparently, Leslie was so on one, at one point during the late evening Chad jumped out of the van and walked back to the hotel.  For Chad to be back at the hotel, that was a little odd because Chad likes to get his party on, too.  So lets just say when me, Chad, and Dish woke up the next morning, there was no Leslie.  We waited until about because we had a show that day, then we stared calling the jails.  To make a long story shorter, we finally found him, called the promoter, and we bailed him out about an hour before the gig.  And that was a nice story.  You don’t even want to hear about Detroit.

8. You’ve done some tours with the band Shameless over in Europe
.  On one of your trips you were robbed of several thousand dollars in cash at the airport. Tell the fans about this unfortunate event and how it all took place?

Yes, I had a bag stolen with a couple thousand dollars in it at an airport in Germany.  It was another one of those learning fuckin’ situations for me.  The learning experience is if you have any money worth stealing make sure you have it in a briefcase handcuffed to your wrist like the president dude in Escape From New York around those Germans.  Now listen, I’ve lifted a few beef jerky packs, CD’s, and other silly things on the road at those crazy bus stops at 3 in the morning just for the fun of it, but these cocksuckers must have been pros.  Lets just say I was pushing one of those carts through the airport with my suitcase on the bottom part of the cart and my bag with my important shit right in from of me in the small part of the cart, you know like in a supermarket cart.  I pushed it into a little convenient store right up to the cashier just to get a paper.  I leaned down for two seconds, by the time I came up the bag was gone and no one was in sight.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  From there, lets just say German airport assistants aren’t that helpful.  Thank god I had my passport on me so I was able to get home at least, and let me tell you, that was the funnest fuckin’ flight home I ever had.  To end this catastrophe story, which I always end my bad stories with, well, I’m still alive.  Alex, the founder of Shameless, compensated me some when I got back home and life went on.


A picture of Shameless in Europe 2002!

Top: Harry/Drums and Dean/Guitar.

Alex/Bass, Steve & Boris/Guitar!

9. In the original Word Association you said this: "Jizzy Pearl = He was O.K in Love/Hate, but he ruined Ratt"  And the word on the street is/was that you also auditioned for Ratt. If you had got the gig would you have ruined Ratt as well? Please elaborate.

Well for starters, no, I wouldn’t have.  I kind of new the direction they were going when they called me for the audition, because Krane and Kelli gave me the lowdown.  They were going through a real transitional stage then. I think they even wanted to change their name and be taken more serious or tougher.  I don’t know.  Ratt was one of my favorite bands back in the day, so to replace Pearcy would have been an honor.  I can’t exactly explain it, but if they would have let me be me, which I believe I think the reason why people still see Floyd since I’m the only original dude-Floyd’s a pretty exciting and flamboyant band to watch.  I also think my Pearcy/Vince style of singing those Ratt tunes and also collaborating on some tunes that would have brought the fun and the catchiness back to Ratt, and also as well as a few young chicks.  But hey, who am I?  To each is own, but yes I think I would have brought it to a higher level than Jiz did.

10. Speaking of ruined bands…what are your opinions of the following bands currently touring without "key" original members.

Warrant without Jani Lane = Well first of all, Jani lane is Warrant for starters.  The lineup now, I was actually a fan of Black N Blue, so I like Jaime St. James, but watching them now with the buff dude, the bald guy, the pudgy dude, and the other dude-with the James dude-it just doesn’t do it for me.  Hey, that’s just me, and I’m a big Warrant fan.

Skid Row without Sebstian Bach = This is a tough one, only because my boy Keri Kelli’s in the band now, so I’m assuming all is well.

LA Guns without Tracii Guns = No Tracii Guns, no LA Guns.

KISS without Ace Frehley = You only need Gene and Paul.

Ratt without Stephan Pearcy = Once again, Pearcy is Ratt.  It’s like when Vince left Crue, it just ain’t the same.  You can try, but it ain’t happenin’.

11. Pick your Poison:

Metallica or Megadeth = Like them both, but I would have to go with Metallica.

KY Jelly or Go in dry = KY Jelly

Lip stick or Eye liner = Both

Bleach or Manic panic = Manic panic

Hairspray or Hair gel = Am I supposed to say hairspray?  I actually like hair gel.

Gwar or Peppermint Creeps = Oh Jesus! I love them both. I’m actually listening to both of them now, really.

Vinnie Chaz or Vinnie Vincent = Vinnie Chaz was my boy, so lets just go with Vinnie . . . Chaz that is.

Headbands or Hats = Do you mean those kind of headbands that basketball players wear, or a headband like Axl wore, either way, hats or the so called headbands can always come in handy, you know, if you are having a bad hair day that is.

Touring in a Van or Not touring at all = Once you say you can’t tour in a van any more, you are definitely too old or you are just in a real fuckin’ big band, and you’re saying, “I ain’t using no fuckin’ van.”  So what I’m saying is, a van’s okay if the price is right.

1989 Lineup for PBF or 1999 Lineup for PBF = My lineup now baby!  I don’t live in the past.

12.  Kill, fuck, marry! (Kristy Crash Majors, Kristy McNicol, Kristy Canyon)

Fuck-Kristy Canyon, and honestly, I don’t want to kill or marry any of the other remaining Kristys.

scan 5.jpg

Old skool Pretty Boy Floyd with Kristy, Steve & Vinnie!


13. It seems as if though Pretty Boy Floyd is on endless Deadline/Cleopatra compilations, and that the band has re-issued and released several of the same songs over and over again many on Perris Records. How many actual full length discs has Pretty Boy Floyd put out to date? How many EP’s and how many re-issues? And how do you get paid on these?

PBF records that I have to do with and have been compensated for are Leather Boyz, that five song EP, Porn Stars, Live at the Pretty Ugly Club, Size Really Does Matter, a few compilations and tribute records. All the other ones, I haven’t seen a cent.  I guess it’s just the nature of the business.

14. If you could get a free punch (or several) to the face on any rock star who would it be and why?

To be quite honest with you, I really don’t have a problem with any other rock star.

scan 7.jpg

Steve meets a fan.

15. Memory Lane with Steve "Sex" Summers.
1978 = Not a worry in the world, BMX racing, good friends, good surf

1982 = Kim Parsons-my high school babe

1986 = Steve finds Kari

1989 = Leather Boyz

1992 = S&M outfits and KISS’s old manager Bill Aucion

1995 = Lets do it again boys

1998 = 1998-2004: Rock n’ Roll, strip bars, good times

2000 =

2002 =

2004 =


How about a memory of this for 2002?

Two grown men wearing make up and hugging late at night!

16. This is a goodtime to tell the fans 3 things about Steve "Sex" Summers that they don’t know?

From my knowledge, over the years it seems people know everything about me.  So I think I would sound stupid to try to tell you something I think they don’t know.

scan 3.jpg

Not sure what the hell this is, but we’re guessing Steve is underneath

a pair of these tits or getting blown under the table.

17. You are faced with a hard decision here. Your life is on the line. There are 4 doors in front of you, and you must open one and perform oral sex to completion on the person

that is in that room. If not, you will die before
. What door do you pick and why?

A. Lexington Steele black male porn star with a 12" dick.

B. Peter Steele rock singer for Type o Negative with a 10" dick.

C. Jackie Enx drummer for Rhino Bucket who use to be a man and is now a woman, with no dick.

D. Kristy Crash Majors. He is dressed in the same stage outfit from the "I Wanna Be With You" video.

Am I allowed to take a few shots of something first?  Well, I’m really not ready to die yet, so I guess I’m going to have to go with that Rhino Bucket once guy now woman person, only if she is dressed like Kristy in the “I Wanna Be With You” video.  Rumor has it that once you get that kind of sex change, it is hard to orgasm . . . does that mean I’m going to have to be down there forever?

18. Who is the last rock star you heard talking about Metal Sludge, and what did they say?

Well, nothing personal, it’s not really the topic of conversation with my rock star bros.

19. Word Association Part II: We mention a name, and you tell us what comes to mind.

Paul Stanley = Rock god

Kid Rock = I like him, I give him props.  I like his tunes, his vibe, he boned Pam.  I play his stuff at my nudie bar.

Jani Lane = Loved him in Warrant, loved him on Celebrity Fit Club, I guess I just love him.

Chuck Bernal = Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,

Pauly Shore
= Loved him back in the day, thought he was funny as shit, and he was with my favorite old dead porn star, Savannah.

Howard Benson = Thought he was great.  Has gone on to huge success: POD, Hoobastank, and many more.  He was always a great guy, must be a god damn millionaire.

Tom Mathers = Thief.

Chip Z’nuff = I know, I know, Chip, I still owe you 100 bucks.

Howard Stern = My boy, I listen to him whenever I can.  He is the rock star of radio.

Aerial Styles = No press for you!


scan 2.jpg

Another quality scan sent in by Steve as he waves goodbye!


20. The very last of Steve "Sex" Summers:

Last time you had diarhea = I actually only get diarrhea when I have sushi and do a lot of soy sauce dippin’, but I honestly haven’t had sushi in a while, so I couldn’t tell you.

Last fast food drive thru you hit = No more fast food for me.

Last time you were robbed of thousands at an airport = Common man, I’m trying to get over that.

Last time you saw 10 naked chicks in less than an hour = It was 15, and it was yesterday at my club.

Last time you had bangs = Hey that’s a good one.  The hair just don’t feather like it did in high school, but really man, if you ever measured my skull, its just really long like a horse head.  So I guess it hard for you to really appreciate my bangs.

Last royalty check you received = A few months ago from Cleopatra Records for a few hundred bucks.

Last time you sat in traffic for more than an hour = A couple days ago coming back from OC.

Last concert you watched from the crowd = I usually don’t go to concerts, but a few of the girls from my club dragged me to the last Green Day gig.

Last time you jacked off in the shower = I haven’t really whacked off in the shower lately, but last week one of the girls at the club didn’t want to pay her house fee for the night, so I said, “well I’m just going to have to jack off on your tits,” and you know them, she said okay.

Last time you and Kristy Crash Majors jammed together = Actually me, Kristy, and Kari Kane jammed a few weeks ago.  We got a few things in store.

We’re guessing this link www.myspace.com/prettyboyfloydband is the best place to get a hold of this God of glam! That or drive over to Shenanigans in the San Fernando Valley.  Thanks Steve you rock, now learn how to work your scanner, and use the spell check next time you send this stuff in!

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