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Metal Skool discontinue CD & DVD after name change!

Metal Skool DVDs and CDs discontinued.


Metal Skool is now Steel Panther.

Metal Skool, who once upon a time were called Metal Shop, and for a while referred to as Danger Kitty, has now become Steel Panther. Same great band, same great guys, same everything – just another name change.

In addition, their debut CD "Hole Patrol" has been discontinued, and is officially out of stock. But there are select pieces left of their awesome DVD home video.

Buy it now, before it’s $ 150.00 on eBay.

Metal Skool "Hole Patrol" CD  (SOLD OUT, I’m a dick for not buying it sooner)

I want my Metal Skool DVD home video now $ 15.00   (Before it’s SOLD OUT)

Metal Skool backstage, on the set of their video for "Fat Girl" & Satchel playing air guitar in front of a Jaguar for hours on end. Or at least it seems like hours.

I want my Metal Skool "Sludge Metal Pack" now $ 25.00 (DVD & Hey Sludge CD)

NOTE: This IncludesThe Metal Sludge CD & Metal Skools killer DVD home video.  Their debut CD "Hole Patrol" is no longer in stock, you’ll get their DVD and the Hey Sludge Volume 1 CD which features "Death to all but Metal" by Metal Skool and their comedy bits inbetween songs.


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